Monday, 19 October 2015

Plaster and Pig Hearts

Monday again. And the last week of school before half term. Surely, there's got to be a way of making this world slow down just a little bit.

I got dressed today! Reluctantly, I admit. I do love my comfy PJ's. 

Anyway, I had a walk up to Number 14 to see what had been done over the weekend. Oh my goodness. Who'd have thought smooth walls could make me so happy. I'm over the moon with how the kitchen looks already and it's only been plastered. What a difference 2 days can make. 
Mind you, there has been blood, sweat and tears put into this room so it's about time a smile or two was added.
Things must be slowly getting back to normal because the jigsaw is back on the table. Yesterday I managed to fit 8 pieces. Today I've done about 30. I can't honestly say it's enjoyable but it has become a challenge and I will not be defeated.
Thomas needs to take a pair of old trousers and a t-shirt into school tomorrow that are OK to cut up. It's something to do with making a scarecrow and Jack and the Beanstalk. I couldn't really make head nor tail of what he was saying, but once again not much notice given to provide something for school. 

He's also brought a book home from the school library called Pig Heart Boy. The title pretty much sums it up. A 13 year old boy needs a transplant and is given a pig's heart. All sounds a bit deep to me but it is aimed at 8-12 year olds. 

I'm sure I was reading much more genteel books when I was his age, Heidi and Little House on the Praire spring to mind. But it's probably right up his street and at least he's reading, so that can only be a good thing. 



  1. blimey. pig heart boy does not sound light and fluffy does it?! Actually, Violet said that the book they class had been reading was a bit scary in places. Maybe it's just a new thing from schools: scare the crap out of the kids? Who knows?!

    Hope you show pics of your Halloween decs as you make or buy them. I love to see what other people do for Halloween.

    You might think me weird saying this, but I love the smell of freshly plastered walls and the smoothness of them. Less odd is the fact that my dad was a plasterer all his working life - retired now, and with a knee replacement due to his trade - so when I was little he'd take me to work sometimes, I loved the smell of the rooms as he worked. Seeing your newly plastered wall makes me smile :O)


  2. I was a bit taken aback by the book that's why I checked the age range. Was quite surprised it came out at 8-12 years to be honest. I know what you mean about school, sometimes I think, mmm, not sure that seems quite appropriate.

    OK, time to confess, I was just going to copy your Halloween decs and probably not that well either. But I will post a picture of them. I really want to make that tree with spider web baubles.

    Another confession, and only because I'm amongst friends - I kept stroking the newly plastered walls today! They were as smooth as a baby's bum and I couldn't resist keep touching them. I agree plaster does smell lovely, I have a bit of a thing about petrol stations as well.

    Isn't it funny how little things can bring back lovely memories. Shame your Dad is retired, good tradesmen are in great demand and very hard to find. xx

  3. *tentatively asks* Does school not send newsletters, slips, texts and emails? Or have a website class area?
    Ours does ...but...and don't knock my head off here.....the amount of parents who contact school saying they knew nothing about it is staggering! Esp in my y6 class. We always say have you checked their book bags? Or homework diaries??
    Kids are RUBBISH en masse at handing stuff to ma n pa and then back in, but in my Y6 class, parents are RUBBISH at checking the bags/website etc and are the first to claim they didn't know!
    Well, yes you should...letters went home last week. It's on the website and you got a text last week!!!

    I have been that parent lol

    Half term cannot happen soon enough! It's been an eight seeker for me. I need a job in Sainsburys.

    1. Hi Rachel. We get a weekly newsletter, trip notifications well in advance and loads of texts messages (usually cancelling some after school activity or other) and the website is always being updated with info. The school as a whole keeps us well informed, it seems to be more class based projects that are last minute and we don't get any info on. I do wonder if part of learning to be independent means the children are expected to pass information on themselves rather than having a letter sent out every time?

      I check Thomas' book bag and planner every night but I know what you mean about parents not doing this. When I read in Y1 they brought their book bags out to me and I was amazed how many had letters in there, not just from the previous week, but weeks and weeks ago.

      When I worked in the school office it used to irritate me beyond words that I had to ring up and find out if so and so could go on a trip/attend a club etc. because parents hadn't bothered to fill in the authorisation slip. Are parents really that busy that they can't check a bag at least once or twice a week or are they just lazy - I think I know the answer to that one.

      It's surprising how long an extra week (or two in your case) can make a difference. Hope you get the full week off and don't have to 'pop' in to do anything. xx

    2. I think that life is so full and busy, book bags are the least of parents problems lol
      It's prob more likely the class teacher wasn't organised enoug to get it on the newsletter!!

      You are that rarest of breeds these days - a supportive parent! X
      No fear - the only place I will be the shops!!!

    3. Good for you. Make the most of the break. I'm probably just anal about checking what the kids are up to at school. I used to go through Amy's bag every night as well and I worked full time then lol. xx

  4. An eight weeker not seeker, bloody phone. And I'd rather have a job in M&S - staff discount!!