Thursday, 1 October 2015

Number 14...again

Still lots going on at Number 14 but I can't honestly say that one job is completely finished yet.

The garden took Matthew longer than expected but he finally finished it this evening. It doesn't look too bad in the photo but some of the flags were uneven and although grass is lovely, I don't know many people that really want to cut it. The idea is to keep work to a minimum for whoever rents it and for us in the future.
So, we decided to deck it. It's got to be stained, the shed has to be painted and the gravel needs putting down but hopefully in the next few days it will all be done. The garden is a little suntrap so it'll be lovely to sit out there.
The kitchen has also been ripped out but it'll be weeks before this is anywhere near ready as the new one can't be delivered until the end of October. Probably just as well as there's loads of work to be done in here. Big Bad Baz up the road, does our electrics for us and although he's happy to let certain things go he's condemned the electrics in here so they'll all need re-doing.
Tom has excelled himself in here with his layers. There are 6 different styles of wallpaper and 4 types of vinyl/tiles that we need to rip up. I can hear him now chuckling at us every time we discovered a new pattern.
The bathroom is also taking shape. The plumber fitted a new bath last week but all the holes in the tiles were a major problem. 
We really didn't want to go to the mess or expense of tiling so we've decided to cover them (in the spirit of Tom), with panels that just slot together. Like other rooms, there's still a fair bit to do in here.
And the bedrooms, stairs and landing are nearly done, we just need to hang and paint the doors. It was only last week we were stripping walls.

And this week it looks like this.

The bedrooms have become my 'take a deep breath' rooms. When I've had enough of the mess downstairs I spend 5 minutes up here thinking positively about how it will all come together ...... eventually. 

Just hope there are no more layers of anything to work through. 



  1. It really is a fantastic job you're all doing. It'll look amazing once it's completed. Now, when can you start on mine......?

  2. Hi Jules, My contribution to the project today was painting the shed. It's had its first coat, I just need to go over it again tomorrow. We're not really diy-ers so not sure you'd appreciate us coming round to yours, but we are good at asking other people to do things if that helps haha. xx

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