Saturday, 10 October 2015

It's Number 38's Turn

Always a glutton for punishment, I decided that it was about time our stairs and landing were decorated. So today I stripped my own wallpaper. The decorator needs to come back to paint a couple of doors at Number 14 next week, so I thought he might as well use the rest of the day to decorate for us.
Sometimes, although not very often, I wake up ready to take on the world. Hence me getting straight on with the job in my PJ's and housecoat. It was much easier than what we've had to do at Number 14 and took me 30 minutes tops.
I papered the stairs myself about 7 years ago so it's about time we had a change. I wasn't sure what paper I wanted but definitely something brighter. 
I took Mum into Middleton to have a browse and I chose this. The birds are very much outside my comfort zone, the flowers are right up my street. Mum was very diplomatic and said "it's very you". When I showed Mark, he said "didn't you get stripes then"!
We're also having a new carpet laid. We've had squeaky boards on the landing for years, so while the bathroom floor was being re-done we got the landing fixed as well. 

I also picked up 3 frames and Thomas' artwork (Mark's first cousin once removed - I had to look that up), is now on display. I still need a frame for the fabric design.
Really I think all of this is delay tactics for doing the kitchen at Number 14. Getting the wallpaper off doesn't bother me but those floor tiles are giving me nightmares. Every time we try to lift them they just crack into tiny pieces. I've researched how to get them up and it seems to be either painstakingly chipping away at them bit by bit or trying a hot iron to see if the glue will melt or we could use a power tool that I really fancy the look of but which Mark thinks might be dangerous in my hands. He's probably right, but I wouldn't half mind having a go.

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend. 



  1. You are like a non stoppable DIY machine!!! My hallway has been waiting to be done for 20 years!!! I need to either get more naggy or.... Invite you to come live with me for a while !

  2. Invite me to come and live with you, I'm very cheap to keep and we'd definitely have a laugh - I'm sure of it. Nagging about DIY doesn't really work at Number 38, In the past I've generally done the wallpapering and painting myself although since the HA I get the decorator in. T'other half is begrudingly happy (if that makes sense), to open the wallet as long as he doesn't have to do it himself. xx

    1. Ahhh well, the HG is loathe to pay for such jobs as he is so good at them....once I get him to do them!!!

    2. Ooh you lucky thing, having a t'other half who is good at DIY, something I've never had the joy of unfortunately. I'm going to tell Amy her main criteria for a partner should be whether he can do DIY or not. It's a royal pain in the proverbial having to get somebody in to do everything, least of all because people are so hard to find. xx