Thursday, 15 October 2015

Nearly done

I bought another treat bought for the Christmas Box this morning. Christmas has definitely arrived at Number 38 when I've got a piece of this in one hand and the Radio Times in the other. A few weeks to wait yet though - 10 exactly to Christmas Eve. 
I've spent an hour working the old grey matter this afternoon doing a codeword, a crossword and the easy suduko. Notice I typed easy. Suduko is not my thing and I'm not sure that I'll ever work my way up to the harder one that's in the magazine. For anybody who does them, is there a method or is it pot luck where you put the numbers?
After my mental workout I replenished my dried up brain with some juicy pieces of watermelon. Delicious. 
I've also finished painting the concrete. It got two coats and it looks much better than before. I'm going to ask Nephew if he will go behind the shed and paint that bit. My back is beyond bending any more. Mark's right though, Tom would be turning in his grave. He absolutely hated green so he wouldn't be best pleased about this colour or the newly painted shed. It's our revenge for all his layering up of wallpaper and floor tiles!
We've pretty much done what we need to at Number 14 which I'm glad about as motivation is running out. The only thing keeping us going is Tom wanted to keep the house if possible and that Joan will benefit from it being rented out. And of course, there's no point denying it will be ours one day.  

The rest of the jobs are now down to the experts, so next week I'm hoping to get the jigsaw out and work up a few granny squares. Both projects have been very much neglected recently. But everything should be settling back down to normal now. 

Or as normal as things are at Number 38. 



  1. you've done so well with the jobs at No. 14. I've been impressed with your Get up & Go attitude with it.

    Thought of you yesterday. Bill's aunt died yesterday morning - after a short illness lasting a week - and already the funeral has been sorted out and a date given. I have no idea how they did it so quickly but it made me think of you and all the time it seemed to take to get Tom's funeral sorted out.

    Thank you for your comment. People have been so nice to me on my blog, it really warmed my heart.

    1. I'm sorry to hear about Bill's aunt, but extremely glad that you've already managed to sort things out and have a date for the funeral - I wouldn't wish the prolonged wait we had to endure on anybody, it was ridiculous.

      I'm really glad to see you back and blogging. I've missed your posts. We might not all know each other personally, but I've found everybody I've come across in the blogging world to be lovely, especially when times are tough. xx

    2. thank you. Yes, I've been really quite touched at how nice people have been. In fact, my online friends have been more thoughtful and concerned than my so called real life 'friends'.

      Total shock about Bill's aunt. She had been in hospital a week so it was very sudden. I last saw her in the summer. She was in her 80's, very fit and able. She had driven down from her home in the Cotswolds to Clacton in a day to visit and stay with the Mother in Law. We were there so she could see Violet. She'll be missed. xx

    3. Goodness, she must have been quite a lady to think nothing of doing that drive in a day. I've come to the conclusion there is no 'best' way to go. And I've also realised whether it's expected or not the shock of losing someone still hits you and has to be dealt with.

      Ah friends. They can be funny creatures, especially real life ones. I have 3 friends which is more than enough for me. One, I met on my first day at secondary school. We see each other possibly once a year, sometimes not as often. And then I have my 2 friends who are my regular "lets have a drink, a meal and a good natter" partners in crime. I know I could ring any of the 3 whenever I needed them and vice versa. I've weeded out 'friends' who are needy, self-obsessed and unreliable over the years and my life is better for it.

      I do agree though, the people on here are lovely and they always had a comforting word for me when Tom was ill. xx

  2. Delicious looking watermelon. I haven't had any since summer. You and your merry band of helpers have done a fantastic job at No. 14. It might be time for a well earned rest. X

    1. Oh it is definitely time for a rest Jules, my aching back and knees are telling me that! I just have a few more spindles to paint and that's it for me. Done and dusted. I'm even looking forward to working my way through the black pieces of the jigsaw. At least I get to sit down in the comfort of my own home to do them. xx

  3. Replies
    1. Definitely better than the drab grey concrete with stains running down it. Very glad I did it. xx

  4. I couldn't figure out where the concrete you were going to paint was. I thought it was paving blocks that you walk on. I didn't realize it was the fence!!lol It looks really nice.

    1. Thanks Janice. So glad Rachelradiostar told me to go for it. Half wish I had concrete panels around our garden now rather than fencing. It was much easier and quicker to paint than the wooden panelling we have. xx