Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Halloween and Christmas

This arrived today. It's for Amy at Christmas. She loves writing and is always on her computer typing away or jotting something down in a notebook. Recently she's started posting her stories on line where other people can leave feedback which she's finding helpful. One of the reasons she wants to go to college in Manchester is that it offers an A level in Creative Writing. I'm all for her doing this. If you have to spend 2 years in further education I believe you should do something you enjoy. Other subjects she's thinking of taking are English Language/Literature, History and Psychology. But writing is what she wants to do most of all.
I bobbed into Middleton and picked up a few bits and pieces and these Halloween decorations. We don't usually do more than carve a pumpkin or two at Number 38 but this year I'll be decorating my shelf. Not until we get back from York though.
This is the beginning of a bit of Halloween crafting. Any guesses? It's a really simple idea and I'll post a pic of the finished thing tomorrow. 
 The fireplace was delivered today for Number 14. Mark met the tenants and their little one yesterday. They wanted to go in to measure up for curtains. He said they seemed a lovely couple, very polite and over the moon that they were going to be moving in. And they couldn't stop thanking him enough for 'choosing' them. Which makes all the effort we've gone to worthwhile. Lots of people have said we've gone over the top with what we've done, but our thinking was always that if somebody is going to pay the market rental rate then the least we can do is make the house nice for them so they enjoy living there. 

Possibly, (definitely), not the best 'financial' thinking, but personally we think it's the right thing to do.



  1. Agreed. Amy is wise to choose a subject she thoroughly enjoys. Ooh, intrigued with your Halloween project, looking forward to seeing more. I need to get some pumpkins. I think I saw Morrisons advertise them for 50p each, or maybe that was just me wishful thinking. either way, I need to track some down soon.
    Love the fireplace, and yes, it must feel totally worth it when you have tenants so appreciative.

  2. Everybody I've spoken to says A levels are so much harder than GCSE's so it will be nice for her to have at least one subject that she will hopefully really enjoy doing. Don't get over excited at the project, it's really only nursery level lol - I just thought it would go nice with the tree theme . Yes, we need a couple of pumpkins as well. Must get them this week as I've left it to the last minute in the past and struggled to find any. Not sure if we actually did anything last year. Just going to have a look back over the blog and see. xx

  3. I'm a bah humbug hallowe'en er only BC there's NO ONE young here!! We do get a pumpkin and the boy likes to do tricksy designs off the internet! But that's it!
    However I do ADORE Sadie's decorated house - it's like a scene from a magazine!

    1. I had a look to see what we did last year and it was nothing. I think I left it too late to even find a pumpkin which is what we only usually do and the kids didn't seem to be bothered. When Amy was little we had a couple of parties and they were fun, especially taking them to the neighbours trick or treating. I won't knock on doors that I don't know though, it embarrasses me, although I love little ones knocking on our door. Sadie's decs are great aren't they. She definitely has a flair. I'm doing a little bit more than usual this year but not much. I have however, shamelessly pinched the Halloween tree idea from her:) xx

    2. PS, we can just about managed basic eyes, nose and a toothy smile. I'd love to see a pic of the boy's design if he does one this year. xx

  4. I shall certainly post a pic for you! X