Thursday, 22 October 2015

College Open Evening

No flowers from Lidl today. I've still got roses from 2 weeks ago and Chrysanthemums from last week. Instead the buy of the week was this make your own gingerbread house. I thought Amy and Thomas could make it together in the Christmas hols. 
We took Amy to a college open evening tonight. This is the college she really wants to go to in Manchester that offers the all important Creative Writing A Level she's desperate to do. The atmosphere was really good and the fact that it's in the city centre and surrounded by University buildings means there's a definite student feel to the place. We have lots of modern colleges in Greater Manchester but the city centre campus buildings are still mainly red brick. She really liked it and is definitely going to apply.
And it was Thomas' Halloween party at school tonight. Typical isn't it having two events on the same evening. We had to enlist Mum to help out and take Thomas to school as timings meant his party started slap bang in the middle of Amy's open evening. He didn't want to dress up fully but took a liking to this mask and chain saw.
The boys really enjoyed the footie last night. Mark said Thomas had a great time and of course the evening couldn't have ended better. City scored the winning goal in the first 2 minutes of extra time. They didn't get in til gone 11pm and Thomas was so hyped up he didn't get to sleep til nearly midnight. But, I'll give him his due, he was up, dressed and ready for school this morning with no moaning. 

An early night is definitely on the cards tonight though - for all of us. 



  1. Bill bought a Halloween gingerbread house kit for Violet to make, from Asda. Got to admit I was a bit miffed about it, I was going to create my own for her to decorate, but at least it saves me a bit of time and effort!
    Violet is a bit jealous (she's reading this with me), her school don't do anything for Halloween. We just get the odd school disco, where they are only 'permitted' to buy a ticket if they have the 'correct' attendance percentage. Just don't get me started!!!

    Early night needed here too. I was awake at 4.20 this morning, it's catching up with me now. Have a lovely evening xx

  2. Oh, that seems harsh and something I've never heard of especially in primary school. I can see it as an incentive for consistent absentees but not for children who are genuinely off and don't have the right attendance percentage. They do quite a bit at Thomas' school and it's not just left up to volunteers/PTA either. Tonight the Head was there and several teachers. Tickets are always limited as you just couldn't fit 240 over excited kids in the hall safely but that's the only thing really.

    You are better than me. There was a gingerbread box opened in Lidl and I had a peek in to make sure the house was actually provided and all we had to do was decorate it! Which with Thomas and Amy on the job will probably be bad enough.

    Good grief 4.20am is very early. Is that normal for you or have you got something on your mind? I find it hard to get to sleep if something is worrying me and it can be the early hours of the morning before I drop off but once I've gone I'm out for the count. Mark is a natural early bird. Any time after 6am is late for him. We are like chalk and cheese in so many ways. xx

  3. I love decorating gingerbread! I don't know if you read my blog last Xmas but go see my sleigh post if you get a minute! I loved it! I'm aghast that schools do such pathetic things. WHY PUNISH THE KIDS??? It's their parent's faults. Grrrrr! We don't have Halloween discos any more ( we did when I went there many year ago ) due to the Cof E ness of our school!
    I'm so pleased the menfolk enjoyed the footie with a great outcome! I cannot wait for tomorrow!! Half term hoorayyyyy!

  4. That santa sleigh is really good, well done you. I could spend ages on the decorating but making the sleigh/house/gingerbread men doesn't appeal so much. I admit it, I'm all top show lol. Harry is on that post as well wearing his jumper, what a cutie.

    Thomas' last school was CofE and didn't do Halloween either but they had a half term disco and quite often the kids would turn up in costumes - but at least the school hadn't billed it as 'Halloween' haha. Where there's a will there's a way. It makes my blood boil that some schools feel the need to be so harsh about things that are out of children's control especially in primary. Amy's year have to have a certain attendance to be able to go to the prom (unless there are obvious circumstances like illness). Although even that makes me think "what's the point". Those that can't be bothered to turn up to school probably aren't bothered about the prom anyway.

    It's your last day today, then you get 9 whole days to yourself! Hope you enjoy every one of them. xx