Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Bury, Bag and a Blue Beanie

It's been wet, windy and miserable here today but we've still been to Bury and done a bit of shopping. My breakfast at the cafe today was a latte with 2 very butter laden toasted crumpets. Delicious.

A sure sign the colder weather is here is when I have to stock up on lip balm for Thomas. He suffers with chapped lips and ends up with a big red patch all around his mouth if we don't nip it in the bud. Only trouble is once he starts putting it on he can't seem to stop as you can see. He's posing in his new MCFC beanie here all ready for the match tonight.

Amy spent a good 10 minutes in front of the lounge mirror last night sticking sellotape across her nose and chin then ripping it off to cleanse her pores. I remember doing this myself as a teenager. Some things never change do they. Ripping it off didn't seem to bother her, although I winced every time she did it, so I've bought her some proper strips to use.  

I didn't buy any books from The Works today as I've still got a couple to read. Instead I bought a calendar. I love these family calendars where everybody has a section to write in what they're doing.
Walking through BHS I spotted this handbag and decided it needed to come straight home with me so that I could take it to visit York next week. Isn't it cute.
So cute in fact that through ooohing and aaahing over the 'face' I didn't notice the fact that the strap hadn't been sewn properly. Customer services have put another one away for me and I'm taking this one back on Friday. I hate having to return things. It's such a waste of time.
And here's my little Halloween project. I'm going to decorate a Halloween tree this year (an idea pinched from Sadie over at Life in the English Rain), and these ghost leaves seemed appropriate to hang on. A silly half hour spent painting and drawing faces but it was light relief from the heavy going projects we've been doing at Number 14.
And that has been Wednesday. Pretty much back to how it used to be.

Tonight a bit of jigsaw, some TV and a chapter or two of my book will finish the day off nicely while I wait for the boys to come home. The match is on TV so I'll put it on after I've watched Homes for Veterans. I might even catch a glimpse of them (not very likely). 

I hope City score, firstly because they need to win the game to go through to the next round and secondly, so that Thomas experiences the atmosphere of the crowd going wild over a goal.



  1. At least Thomas won't get lost in the dark with that shiny mouth! Don't remember using sellotape on my face but I did use it to stick down my hair (straighteners hadn't even been thought of in those days). Cute bag but shame about having to swap it. Whatever happened to quality control? Sounds like you're having painting and decorating withdrawal. Plenty to get stuck into here!

  2. Haha, yes I'll probably spot him on TV after all. The players have probably been given sunglasses to wear. How did you stick down your hair? Sellotape was probably one of those beauty tips Jackie or Cathy and Claire magazines advocated back in the 70's. I can't believe I'm typing this but I have to paint the kitchen at Number 14 this weekend. Didn't expect that but plaster drying, workmen timings and holidays mean it's got to be done. Feeling very sorry for myself xx

  3. Haha I did the sellotape thing too!! I also used to colour my fringe in with red felt tip pen!

    1. Bet those felt tip pens weren't wash out ones like we have today either. Your Mum would have loved you! I can remember when I was in primary that I used to 'paint my nails' with crayons. Probably something else that was indelible as it used to stay on for ages. xx

  4. aw, love the little ghost leaves! What a sweet and clever idea.
    ooh, it's the match tonight?! I hope he has fun. What am I saying, of course he'll have fun.
    cute bag. It's so annoying when you get something home and THEN find a fault with it. I'm forever doing that sort of thing too.

    1. They are pretty cute aren't they. Just need to think how and where to stand the tree now.

      Match night was a big success. They all had a fantastic time, made better by the fact that City won 2-1 with the final goal being scored in extra time.

      I'll be checking the new bag thoroughly when I pick it up tomorrow. It's my own fault although I wouldn't have expected the finishing to be so rubbish. Don't know how it managed to make it to the shop floor. xx

  5. hope you have a lovely trip to York x

  6. Thanks Tess. Especially looking forward to Jorvik and shopping with Amy of course :) xx