Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Birds and Bakes

The decorator has finished at Number 14 for the time being. He'll have to come back to do the dining room and kitchen but not until after half term. He came down this afternoon and did our stairs and landing. Just need to order some carpet now. This is by far the most patterned paper I've ever chosen in my life and even though it reminds me of something my nanna would have had I really like it.
Amy has been baking at school today. She has to make a tray bake for her GCSE exam so over the next few months I think we'll be seeing a lot of these. She made a 3 layered one, Victoria sponge, creme pat, and raspberry jam, all made from scratch. It's enough to get the grade she wants but she'd like to add another layer. She isn't sure what though. Any ideas are more than welcome.
Tonight was parent's evening for Thomas. We get allocated 5 minutes but his teacher obviously pays no heed to time limits as she was running 20 minutes late and spent nearly 20 minutes with us. We didn't really have much to say or ask but she's very thorough which I like. I've sat in a parent's evening at Thomas' last school with an alarm clock on countdown, which is the most off putting thing ever. Anyway, Thomas is doing very well and there are no causes for concern which is good to hear.

With no Bake Off or Dr Foster to watch tonight I'm feeling at a bit of a loose end. I'm going to watch Homes for Veterans though and see if Wills and Harry are as good as I am at DIY. 

Then I might retire early to bed with my book. Poor Ove, he's 59, his wife died 6 months ago and he's been made redundant. He's tried to commit suicide 3 days on the run so he can be with her, but keeps getting interrupted at the crucial moment. It sounds a bit of a depressive read but it's actually very good. 

Spurred on by Rachelradiostar to paint the concrete I went out and bought some paint today. The bit I've done so far looks really good so I'll be posting yet another photo tomorrow. Truthfully, I'm beginning to bore myself now with all these DIY photos, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.



  1. I like that paper. I toyed with something very similar, but Bill said no. So I bought a duvet cover like it instead.
    We didn't have parents' evening as Violet's teacher still hasn't actually been back to school since the first day back in September. We had a letter from school saying we could go in after school yesterday and today. Bill went last night, and I was able to go tonight. At least it was something, and I got to see her class for the first time.
    cake looks nice. x

  2. Hi Sadie, lovely to hear from you. I don't think I'd have got away with the paper downstairs but it's on half the wall up the stairs and what you can see in the photo is pretty much it for the landing. I've got 3 long mirrors to put up as well so a lot of it will disappear.

    Mmm, in my experience, any teacher who is off for more than a week generally goes for the full sick leave. We had one teacher who had 6 months off with stress, came back in for the required amount of time (days) before he was officially allowed to restart his sick leave, then took another 6 months off all with pay. Nowhere else apart from in schools would that be allowed to happen, although they may have clamped down on this now. And the poor teaching assistant ended up pretty much running the class while different supply staff were brought in who didn't really know where they were up to or what they were supposed to be doing.

    I actually tasted the cake (very unusual but it looked lovely for a change and Amy had put a lot of effort in) and it was delicious. xx

  3. You're certainly ticking off those house jobs. (Predictably, we've done precisely nothing here. I wish we had even a smidgeon of your motivation!) Amy's bake looks delish but I agree a final layer would just be, well, the topping on the cake. How about some fresh raspberries (with some blueberries for another splash of colour) scattered over (or in a pattern)? Or a sprinkling of crushed meringue pieces (easily made from scratch)?

    1. Motivation is dwindling rapidly here to be honest Liz. Every job seems to have involved me having to bend down or crawl around on my hands and knees. It's hard enough getting people in to do the actual job though, there's no way they'd want to do all the horrible prepping we've had to do. The Nephew had been great though, it would have been a lot harder without him.

      Meringue is a good idea. It's something she has to make rather than just add (like the fruit), so that would be perfect. xx

  4. That cake really looks delicious. I feel hungry now. I'm not looking forward to parents evenings as Bear gets older. They always seem time restricted and quite stressful. X

    1. Amy certainly excelled herself. Just hope she can come up trumps in the exam. She is more prone to disaster than success in food tech, but her saving grace is she's pretty good at cakes.

      Parents Evenings - probably hated by parents and teachers alike, but a necessary evil. The primary ones are usually really nice to go to, not so much the secondary ones (only because of how they are set out logistically). But the one where the NQT had an alarm clock ticking away was awful. I didn't hear a word he said or ask any questions because I was focused on the damn clock. Thomas left that school not long after though, so we didn't have to sit through another one of those thank goodness. xx

  5. Glad to hear of the good report. I think the meringue sounds good.? How about a layer of raspberry and white chocolate mousse?

  6. Mmmm, that sounds really good as well. Maybe she could fit 5 layers in. I think the teacher said they get 6 hours for the full thing so a couple more 'easy' layers shouldn't be a problem. xx