Saturday, 5 September 2015

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday I joined the National Trust. We were members a few years ago and definitely got our money's worth out of it. I've re-joined because we're having a trip to Quarry Bank Mill with Mum next week and the entrance fee for one visit is about one third of the annual membership. So, if we visit just another 3 places over the next 12 months we'll have got our money back.
I added another row to the blanket. I've run out of granny squares now so I need to start making some more, by my calculations 54 exactly.
Today I've been shopping with Amy. She bought a new quilt cover, some PJ's and a book. 
I bought a new top, a book and some cheeky cream cakes for us to have with an afternoon cuppa.
Thomas decided he didn't want to go to the park so we've put that on hold until tomorrow. Blown out by my boy at the last minute, I decided to crochet a few squares instead. 
Off to do some ironing now, then I'm going to squeeze a bubble bath in, followed by feet up, a glass of rose and hopefully a good film to watch.

Enjoy your Saturday evening. 



  1. Sounds like a lovely day - it's X factor night here! Then early bed! I love my bed

    1. Another bed lover here Rachel, especially if there's a good book by the side of it. Not watched X factor for a while now but when we did we used to find the auditions more entertaining than the actual contest xx

  2. We ummmed n arrrred over NT. Going to let the EH run out first!

    1. When we were last members we sort of ran out of local places to go to that didn't involve more than an hours drive. I'm ready to re-visit some places again though and now that we're not limited to weekends or having to take Amy and Thomas with us I'm hoping we'll be able to venture further afield and see something new. xx

  3. I love your photo filled posts, but why the cakes lady, why? You know I'm going to crave cake now! You've had a corking couple of days there.

    We were out and about yesterday, invited to a very swanky birthday party (the girl is turning 7, and apparently asked for this very grown up venue... hmm). We had a lovely time, though Violet managed to miss kicking a football and hurt her foot. We'd been there under 30 minutes. So typical!

    Today I have plots and plans to write, To Do lists, and packed lunches to make. Feels like school hols were months ago already!

    Thanks for your comments. I totally get what you mean regarding writing in the book. I've not done it yet, and I know I'm unlikely to do so. I'm tempted, but know I'll regret it. And I absolutely get your fresh page thing. I'm the same with a To Do list, I HAVE to cross things out as I do them!

    Time I was off. Still in bed. Need to get up and get on with things.
    Have a lovely Sunday

    1. I've really got to stop with the cakes. I'm getting back on track with the weight loss tomorrow, although I have this weird feeling that a chocolate eclaire might accidentally fall into my mouth later on.

      That's exactly the sort of thing Thomas would do. Either a fall or a bump or anything really that means the day doesn't go to plan. I don't think mine have ever been to any party that could be classed as 'grown up'. The standard around here seems to be cinema, laser quest, bowling etc.

      Sometimes I put silly things on my lists just so that I can cross them off and feel a sense of achievement haha.

      Goodness you are having a lie in. Just looked at the time you posted and that seems very late for you. You're usually up at the crack of dawn:)

      Hope you enjoyed your Sunday xx