Monday, 7 September 2015

Weight and Water Leaks

I took the bull by the horns this morning and got back on the scales. Its been 8 weeks since I last posted my weight and between now and then I've put on 3/4lb, which I'm quite pleased about actually, especially considering the amount of Devonshire cream teas and cakes I've managed to eat in that time. Time to get back on track now though. It would be lovely to hit that 11 stone mark by Christmas but at the snails pace my weight loss seems to happen, I doubt it will happen. 
I shortened another pair of Thomas' school trousers today. The tension is all wrong again. It's a problem that occurs regularly with the machine and I can't figure out why. It's very temperamental, I could sew something tomorrow and it would be perfect. Anyway, I've turned a blind eye and the trousers are pressed and hung in the wardrobe.
We went to see Joan today and took her new favourite sweets - chewy mints. She looks as fit as a fiddle and although she asked about Amy and Thomas she didn't mention Tom at all. I find it really strange but I have to say I'm thankful we don't have to keep making up reasons about why he's not there. We went to put some things in her room and were gone all of 3 minutes only to find her mouth full of chewy mints when we got back. She'd just put them in one after the other and her mouth was so full she could hardly talk. We had to take them off her and ration her to one at a time. 

We have a leak in the lounge from the bathroom. Mark thinks it's the overflow so we've had to ring the plumber who's coming tomorrow evening. I hope it doesn't get any worse as the ceiling is pretty damp and spongy and the paper is peeling away. Can you make out the water marks behind the paper. Anyway, I'm just hoping he can get to the problem without having to rip any of the bathroom out.
I've printed off our temporary National Trust membership for our visit to Quarry Bank Mill. The weather has been lovely here today and looks good for tomorrow so hopefully we'll be able to walk around the gardens as well.

As long as the ceiling holds up, I'll be back tomorrow to share the day out with you all. 



  1. Fingers crossed the ceiling stays on the ceiling! I laughed at the mints! Sorry - you really have to find the humour in what you can! Well done on the weight !! I too got in the scales - hmmmmmph! Starting again! So far so good today - I'm off to bed before I ruin it!!

  2. Morning Rachel. The ceiling is still up there! I don't blame you laughing about Joan, is was funny. She looked like an overgrown hamster sat there chewing away and she'd put that many in it looked as though she was chewing a golf ball. She had another in her hand ready to go in as well lol. This weight loss is a pain in the bum. I went for a 20 minute brisk walk last night in aid of the cause. Bet it won't make any difference though. xx

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  4. oh no to the leak. Hope it's easily sorted.

    Well done with your weight. I refuse to step onto scales. I can see my wobbly belly, I don't need to know how much it actually weighs!!

    ha ha to the piehole full of minty sweets! You've got to laugh haven't you?

    1. The plumber has been and done something plumbery up there. He's coming back tomorrow to make sure it's alright. Mmm the weight. 3/4lb over 8 weeks is good but if I take my eye off the ball I'll soon be back where I started. Cakes, they are the work of the devil I tell you. Oh, you should have seen Joan. I was mesmerised that she'd managed to stuff so many in. She couldn't actually close her mouth to chew lol xx

  5. Mints are there to be eaten.....

    Did you enjoy Quarry Bank Mill?

    1. Indeed they are Angel Jem...... just not all at once lol. Thoroughly enjoyed Quarry Bank Mill. Mum doesn't walk very quickly so we only managed the mill this time but next time we will do the gardens and apprentice house. It's all paid for which makes it even better. xx