Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Viking Day

It was Viking day today. Thomas said he didn't get around to finishing his helmet at school, so he took the one I bought. I have my suspicions about this and think he just preferred this one over the cardboard and tinfoil one made at school.

Although he's posing with his axe the children were under strict instructions that no weapons were to be taken in, much to his disappointment. Anyway, he had a fantastic day and wishes school could be that much fun all the time.
I had the urge for something really juicy today, and this melon was perfect. No slicing or chopping, I just scooped the seeds out and dug in with a spoon. Delicious. I also got on the treadmill today, for the first time in a long time. Go me!
On the jigsaw front there are now flowers in the vase and the arch border is also done. Which just leaves all the black and white pieces to fit. It's a bit heavy going to be honest. Unlike a pile of sky pieces which at least have different shades of blue to help you, these are solid colours, so I'm literally trying one piece at a time.

And the decorator has been working up at Number 14 today. Having initially thought the yellow wall was just backing paper that had been painted, on closer inspection he decided it was layered wallpaper and the best thing to do would be to strip it off. The top layer came off really easy to reveal another 3 layers underneath.
To be fair most of the layers had been removed but for some reason patches of the 3 layers have been left all over the wall. Anyway, see the 3 brown patches, that's wall and that's what we're aiming for. Thankfully my nephew is coming down tomorrow so this will be his first job.

I love nephews!



  1. The Viking looks perfect! Hmm. no weapons allowed, can't imagine why not, the thought of 60 kids wielding axes and spears poses no problems as far as I can see!!! ha ha!

    I love this way of the kids learning history, brings it alive and makes it fun. Happy kids = happy to learn.

    You are getting on so well at No. 14. Your nephew is a treasure!

    1. I thought the teachers were a bit wimpy not allowing 60 over excited children to take in weapons haha.

      It is a fantastic way of learning and the 'Visiting Viking' was obviously a character as he came out into the middle of the playground in his full costume shouting "do you want them back or should I sell them as slaves". Thomas was chosen to have a go at grinding some corn as well which made his day.

      Yes, thank goodness for nephews. The bigger of the 3 brown patches took me ages to get off although I did it the old fashioned way with hot soapy water. J is bringing down a steam stripper today, so hoping he makes more progress than I did. xx

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  2. I'm commenting from London!!! I LOVE doing those same colour bits of jigsaws!

    1. Haha, When are you free to come over then Rachel? I keep having a go but I obviously don't have much luck on the 'what are the odds' side because I only seem to find a piece after working my way through the majority of them. So frustrating. Hope you are enjoying London and that your Year 6 doesn't come away too disappointed that they haven't seen a real life terrorist! xx

  3. Nice looking Viking you have there! Have you visited Jorvik in York? I remember taking our boy there when he was younger and he really enjoyed it.

    PS Do you hire out the nephew???

  4. No I've never been to Jorvik but we are going to York for 3 days during half term so will definitely look into that. The whole day was just up his street and he really enjoyed it. The nephew has been a godsend. It's so hard for them to get jobs these days but I reckon there's a niche in the market for odd job lads wanting to earn a bit of cash. Of course fellow bloggers would get discount :) xx