Wednesday, 30 September 2015

This, that and wheelie bin ramblings

It's been another lovely day here today. My fuchsia bush is on it's third bloom of the year. Not sure if this is normal or whether I've just touched lucky? I'm not googling though, I'm just accepting that it's flowering again and I still have some colour to look forward to in the garden.
I received a text from Amy's school this morning informing us she'd achieved over 80% in her recent maths test. Maths is most definitely not her strong point and I think I may have said before that achieving a GCSE Grade C is the main aim, so that she doesn't have to take it again at college. She had a brilliant teacher last year and a lot of it just clicked which meant she was moved up a set which has done wonders for her confidence.
Thomas has discovered a new food that he likes. Shop bought cakes! He can scoff 6 of these in one go if I don't keep an eye on him, as I found out last week. I might have to disown him to be honest. I never thought a child of mine would acquire a taste for shop bought cakes. 
Our council have decreed that as from October we are going on 3 weekly bin collections. I get a little annoyed about the wheelie bin situation at times. Firstly, they're a real eyesore and secondly the bin quota is definitely not stacked in favour of a family of 4. 

There are a lot of couples on our street, yet they get the same sized bin as we do which doesn't seem fair. And to add insult to injury one family has 3 children so they get 2 bins. 2 BINS! That's a whole bin to one person, the lucky devils. Anyway, it's not actually as bad as it first seemed as the brown bin we are getting for food waste will be collected every week. I don't do too bad on food waste to be honest, but at least it'll get taken away regularly. I do like their colour coded leaflet though and have stuck it on the inside of my kitchen cupboard door to remind me where I'm up to.

Tea time was a busy affair today. Matthew is staying over at Number 14 so he can get the garden finished. It's taking a bit longer than he thought and a hitch with a couple of deliveries hasn't helped. Thomas' friend and adopted daughter were also last minute invitees for tea. It was nothing fancy, just a freezer choice of sausage, fish fingers, chips or mash. 

Looking forward to a cup of tea now and my double whammy of TV. Bake Off and Doctor Foster. 



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  2. We get a wheelie bin collection every other week, along with plastic. Paper, card and food waste are weekly. recycling is actively promoted, we get reels of bags to use. I compost most of the food waste so nothing much goes in that bin.

  3. Hi Pam. I don't think much will go in our food bin to be honest. I'm pretty good at cooking the right amounts and only buy what we need, so nothing much gets thrown away but at least it will be collected every week. As for the other bins, we are now on a 3 weekly cycle. I notice you are in Wales. We've had some lovely holidays in North Wales over the years. xx

  4. Really well done to Amy. Not so much for Thomas - I don't know how anyone can like those cakes. :-) I hope you feel better after your wheelie bin rant. It's a full time job trying to keep up with which ones go out on which days. X

  5. Hi Jules, yes venting about the wheelie bins has made me feel better about the whole thing. I do like a good whinge every now and then haha. I'm really happy for Amy, we've had many tears and tantrums (me and her) in the past about maths so it's great that it's finally clicked. Mmm what can I say about the cakes apart from Thomas is a fussy eater and prefers food that doesn't taste of anything, which explains the cakes I suppose lol. xx