Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The garden make-over has started

So, things are moving on nicely at Number 14. The garden make-over is under way, courtesy of Matthew. It's what he does; decking and these new fandangled garden pod things that people use as offices. He's booked up until the beginning of March but has taken a couple of days out of his busy schedule to do this for us. Hopefully I'll be able to post the before and after picture tomorrow. In the meantime, here's Thomas giving his older brother a 'helping' hand. Thomas is obviously the manager, wearing his shirt and tie.
The lounge has become a holding bay again, this time for the wood and stones, which unfortunately, can't be left on the driveway without a good chance of them going 'walkies' overnight.
And the gas man has been out today to do whatever it is he needed to do with the cooker, the boiler and the gas fire. We've ordered a new fire but it won't arrive for another 2 weeks. 
In between all the goings on 'up the road' I have (drum roll please), managed to do all the white pieces of the jigsaw.
The black pieces are now waiting their turn. There's about half of them laid out on the mat, just need to get the rest on and then I can start to work my way though them one by one. I'll get there eventually. 
And I'm back in school now reading with the children. I temporarily 'handed my notice in' a few weeks before the end of Summer term so that we could concentrate on Tom. It was nice to go in today though. I really enjoyed it.

*Sorry about the first 2 photos. I took them with my phone and for some reason they will only load the wrong way round.



  1. Number 14 is coming on in leaps and bounds! That jigsaw board really is good! I know you said you saw one at the works - but was it as good as your Argos one?
    I always say that when I win the lottery, I'll go into school to hear readers

  2. I love reading with the children and because I'm a novelty and not a teacher they all want to read to me, which makes me feel very loved lol.

    The jigsaw board in The Works is one I've had before, years ago when Amy was just born. I ended up throwing it away because after she came along I didn't have any time to do anything let alone jigsaws. The Works board is better to work on - more sturdy and not as spongy, but as for it staying put the new one wins hands down. You can really throw the case around and the jigsaw stays in place. xx

  3. I loved helping with my children's classes. It is very satisfying. I remember that I worked with one boy 1st through 5th grade and was beyond thrilled when he ran up to me after summer vacation to tell me that he had read 2 books while he was off school.
    That is a hard jigsaw!

  4. Hi Candace. Aww that's lovely. When children tell you they've read of their own free will it makes it all worthwhile. I find all it takes is a few words of encouragement and a bit of interest shown in them and they're quite happy to read a few pages at home every night. Some of them are so eager to please.

    I do really enjoy it. There are some real characters and the things they come out with are so funny. I read with 10 children who are really struggling (5 each week) and I love it when at the end of the year you can see how much progress they've made.

    The jigsaw is the hardest I've done this year and I still haven't started on the black pieces yet. xx