Sunday, 6 September 2015

Scattering the Ashes

We scattered Tom's ashes this morning. We went to the cemetery where his Grandma & Grandad, his Mum and his younger brother Alf are all buried.

Little Alf was only 8 when he died in 1945 and Tom's Dad bought the plot for the family. He isn't actually buried there himself though because after Tom's Mum died he re-married and his new wife wanted him buried elsewhere.

Anyway, Tom is finally 'back home' where he wanted to be.

Other than that not much else has happened at Number 38 today. Mum came for a coffee, Amy has a new computer and her and Mark have been setting it up and sending things to this cloud and that cloud and Thomas has been playing out with his friend.

I've shut myself in the kitchen to type this as the computer set up is becoming a battle of wills as to who knows exactly what needs to be done, so I'm leaving Amy and Mark to it.

I hate technology and have no interest in it at all, although if it goes wrong I'm the first to complain. 

In a few minutes I shall venture out and do something much more up my street - crochet.

A simple activity for a simple person :)



  1. Can I come over and hide and craft too?

    1. Haha, yes I've been reading your blog and can empathise with the phone problem. Technology is fantastic when it works but a right royal pain in the butt when it doesn't and trying to find somebody to help is just as bad. You are more than welcome to come and hide in the kitchen with me any time you want to :) xx

  2. I'm glad Tom is finally at rest. A good thing. For all of you.

    Ah, technology. I really can't be doing with it. Clouds? what they heck are they? Aren't they just fluffy things in they sky? I am not on Instagram, I'm not of Face Book, I don't even have a mobile phone. Really, I'm just an old dinosaur! It's amazing I can actually function a blog.

    Have a lovely Sunday. What's left of it, anyway. x

    1. The thing is everything I use I've asked Mark to set up for me which means that apart from doing what I want to do on it (type and upload photos), I have no idea how or why it works and if it goes wrong I haven't a clue.

      I don't get the cloud thing either, my mum knows more about it than I do. The problem is it really doesn't interest me. Would you believe me when I said I only got a mobile phone about 4 or 5 years ago, now that's dinosaur for you :) xx

  3. I'm right there with you in having someone else figure out the computer. I just want it to work for me and work for me fast!
    Good for Tom and all of you that he is at peace in his final resting place.

    1. Hi Candace. Lovely to hear from you, hope you are keeping well:) Yep, that pretty much sums me up - as long as it does what I want it to I'm happy, I have no desire to know the intricacies of how it works at all.

      It's surprising how much better we both feel now that the ashes have been scattered. It was Tom's wish to go with his relatives so we're glad he's finally there. It's been a long process and although it was frustrating at the time, looking back now , it doesn't seem so bad. I suppose it's a classic case of letting go of the bad parts and moving on. xx