Thursday, 17 September 2015

Project 2, Number 14

I've added a few more things to the Christmas Box; ingredients for the Christmas cake. It would be cheaper to buy one, but it's a bit of a tradition at Number 38 with Mum coming down to supervise proceedings.
I also bought these lovely Gladioli. I'm not really a fan of peach but these caught my eye today.
Project 2 at Number 14 has been to get people in to look at the jobs that need doing.

So today Matthew has been round to look at decking the back garden. It's patio and grass at the moment but the patio is uneven and in the interests of safety plus making sure the garden stays tidy we're thinking of decking over the patio and gravelling over the grass which is pretty much what we've done here at Number 38. 

We've also had the decorator round to quote for some work. We've decided Number 14 will be a two level project - upstairs and downstairs. As the kitchen is going to take 4 weeks to arrive we're going to crack on with sprucing up the bedrooms. Thankfully, the anaglypta in the lounge also seems to be coming off easily enough.
And the 'plastic man' has been to look at replacing some plastic on the outside. He's also going to cover some crazy paving under the window. No doubt this was fashionable at some point in time but we're going to cover it up. He also needs to fit a new back door. 
The skip arrives tomorrow so most of the weekend will be spent sorting, throwing and passing things on to relatives. I don't think Mark is relishing this part to be honest. He's fine with organising all the jobs that need doing but understandably doesn't hang around very long when it comes to sorting through Tom's things, so I seem to have taken that on.

Thomas has been asking for face paints so he can paint scary masks on himself so I bought him these from Argos.
And this is the result. Don't think he'll be working in the Kids Club at Billy Butlins any time soon! 



  1. He's too cute to be scary! Don't tell him I said that though lol

    1. Aww thank you Rachel. I think so too, but I'm biased! After taking the photo he decided to paint his ears black, inside and out!!! Took ages to clean out of all those nooks and crannies. He has the cleanest ears in Middleton now haha. xx

  2. There is a job for him in films, though. That's a good ghoul face he's done there!

    1. He was definitely very proud of his work. Think he's really looking forward to Halloween this year. xx