Monday, 21 September 2015

Jobs - Week No. 1

It's a busy week for us at Number 38, up at Number 14! 

The alarm man has been out today to quote for a new system. We're having some plastic work done tomorrow and Aunty Betty is coming to collect all the stuff she wants (which means no trip to Quarry Bank this week), the decorator is working up there Wednesday and Thursday, my nephew is also coming down Thursday to put some hours in and Matthew is doing the decking Friday and Saturday. Although we're not actually doing any of these jobs ourselves, I'm praying Sunday will be a day of rest. 

Our brains are becoming so befuddled that I've had to buy His and Hers diaries haha, something I've not used since I gave up work nearly 3 years ago.
After being told by Thomas he was making his Viking helmet at school, then being told that actually, no they weren't, I went to Maskerade (a local fancy dress shop) to buy him one today. He didn't want one with horns because according to the teacher it's never been proved the Vikings wore these, so he chose this one instead. He came out of school tonight and when I asked him what he'd done he said, we've started making our Viking helmets! Honestly, talk about mixed messages, either that or he just fancied a new helmet and saw a good opportunity to dupe me.
The jigsaw is back on the table and the case is proving very handy. Just a matter of zipping it up and moving it when I need to. The lady now has a face and half a feather fan.
Tomorrow there will be the first before and after post. It's the smallest room in the house - no not the bathroom, the  porch, but we've got to start somewhere.



  1. I think you have been 'had' by a small Viking!! It's true, Viking helmets didn't have horns. It's come from the very first performance of an opera ( name escapes me ) I think in Germany :-)

  2. Oh yes, he'd definitely be right about the horns thing, his attention to detail is something to behold but can also be a right royal pain at times lol. You're right, I've definitely been had by a cute but cunning 9 year old. xx

  3. that jigsaw is certainly very pretty. Am looking forward to the Before & After pics. Yey.

    that is one scary looking mini Viking!
    Ah, the good old 'rubbish communication ' thing. I'm just a teensy bit hacked off with school right now, oh, how long have they been back? Just a few weeks you say? Feels like flippin' forever.

    Do you want me to rant? Ok then, I shall.

    Teacher still off sick. Not back until the 5th Oct or thereabouts (allegedly, nobody believes he'll be back, the kids have scared him off).
    Parent's evening for roughly the same date has now been cancelled, because you know, teacher hasn't been there, has no idea who the kids are and what they can do!
    Violet was told off by some new moron yesterday for having the audacity of eating a Dairy Lea Dunker for her snack at play time. Told to get 'a cereal bar or fruit' instead. Hmm. Pity she can't do magic and conjure them up. She ended up having nothing and was left really upset by the incident.

    Suffice to say, I've been in to have a word with the headmistress this morning, who agreed the whole Dunker Debacle was totally out of order and she could understand why I was furious. Violet is now the talk of the playground with all the kids shocked about Dunker Gate, which is probably no bad thing, her street cred needed cranking up an amp or two.

    So school. With the stupid rules, (some) stupid teachers, and not the best communication, I have had enough already.


    1. Ah, the healthy vs unhealthy school snack police. They should be shot at dawn but only after being made to eat several sugar laden 'healthy' cereal bars of course. If somebody said anything to Thomas he'd be really upset as well and would never eat a snack at school again, he'd be too frightened. I'd also be in like a shot to speak to the Head as well. Good on you. I think it's about time schools started letting parents be parents again. Glad to hear Violet's street cred has gone up though :)

      When Amy started in reception the whole healthy eating thing was really taking off and they decided that all new children could only have fruit as snacks. So no crisps etc allowed. Only problem was they were doing it on a phased out basis, so every other child in Years 1-6 could carry on. Didn't bother me as Amy was an only child, but the trouble it caused when one child in a family could take in crisps but the other couldn't was unbelievable. Eventually all snacks apart from fruit and cereal bars were banned. And those healthy cereal bars turned out not to be that great for you anyway lol.

      Has Violet been having different teachers then? That doesn't sound good. But if she's had the same teacher surely they could do parents evening? I know our long term supply teachers would do it, so I don't think it's against the 'rules'.

      I know what you mean about school though. Some days I can't wait for Thomas to leave primary. Secondary schools don't seem half as wrapped up in petty rules and regulations. Bring back the days when you could leave school at lunchtime, could eat anything you wanted and the teacher had no problem sending you out of class to buy 20 fags for them. Those were the days. xx