Monday, 14 September 2015

Jigsaw Disaster and a 'Project'

I suffered a bit of a jigsaw disaster today. When I picked up the mat it was on it buckled and half the jigsaw fell off onto the floor. Which meant that a good chunk of the border and some of the inside had to be done again.
Wishing to avert any further disasters I went to Argos and bought myself one of these. A jigsaw case. It feels a bit funny to work on - a little bit spongy, but the jigsaw sticks to it even when the case is stood upright. Money well spent I think, considering I do enjoy my puzzles. 
Thomas is learning about the Vikings at school and came home with a letter about Viking dress up day next week. I have until Tuesday to come up with a costume, although the teacher has kindly sent home some 'quick and cheap' ideas, and thankfully the helmets are being made at school.

After a lot of discussion and number crunching we've decided that rather than selling Tom's house we are going to keep hold of it and rent it out on Joan's behalf. This will mean she can stay in the home she's in and more importantly still afford to buy her favourite sweets for her!

The house is in pretty good nick but will need a basic new kitchen, a couple of new windows, a downstairs carpet and a lick of paint. Today I went to B&Q and they designed the kitchen for me. It's not very big and there was pretty much only one way of doing it, but it will look modern and more streamlined which is the main thing. Mark reckons Tom's kitchen is at least 30 years old so it definitely needs updating. We know somebody who will do the fit so all we need to do now is order the stuff, hand over the design and leave them to it.
I'm actually looking forward to it being 'done up'. It's like having a project on the go but without having to live with the mess that goes with it.

And we are now official members of the NT. Our passes and places to visit book arrived today. Don't think we can fit in going anywhere this week, but hoping to go back and see the apprentice house sometime next week. 



  1. that's short notice for Viking Day. At least when Violet's school had Roman Day we had a good month or so notice to come up with a costume. Still, all good fun and the kids do enjoy dressing up. Taking part in history is so much more fun than just reading about it.

    Good idea with the jigsaw case.

    I agree it sounds fun to get to do up a house without having to live in the mess while the changes happen. Good luck with the new work & renting it out. Will you show pics or no?

    1. You're right, a week is short notice, even for a Mum who doesn't go out to work. No idea where working parents find the time for such short notice events. Thomas loves history and is excited about the dressing up bit, but a bit miffed that he can't take one of his swords to school!

      Oh yes, I shall no doubt be posting before and afters - after all what is Number 38 without a photo or several :) xx

  2. Having a project without living in the mess is really good fun. And I'm looking forward to seeing the photos!

  3. It's the best type of project isn't it. Being able to walk away when you've had enough is a definite plus. The first before photo has been posted. Not very exciting I'm afraid. Just a bit of wallpaper stripping. xx

  4. Your new jigsaw board is perfect! I bet it didn't take you long to re do it.

    1. It didn't take too long and at least several pieces stayed joined together. I was a bit miffed though. I went to The Works yesterday and they had a jigsaw board for sale which was £10 cheaper than the one I bought. I've never seen one in there before and I go in nearly every week. Typical! xx