Friday, 25 September 2015

Cake, Cold Sores and Cladding

I'm suffering with cold sores up my nose. I have 3 and they are killing me. Since having Amy I seem to be prone to them but I suppose I should be grateful they're where nobody can see them.

Thomas wanted to make a chocolate cake last night. He pretty much did all the weighing and mixing all by himself under my supervision and did a really good job.
I dropped off 2 bags of clothes to the charity shop this morning. A lot of them are brand new and the others have hardly been worn. When we were clearing the back bedroom I found 2 new toasters, 2 new kettles, 6 pairs of new slippers and 4 new shirts and ties still in their packaging. I have no idea why these things were bought and never used but hopefully somebody will benefit from them.

The kitchen fitter has been round tonight to have a look at what needs doing. It's the biggest job to be done at Number 14 and will go in this order, rip out, strip wallpaper (several layers again - bless you Tom), plaster, paint, fit kitchen, electrics, tiling. Doesn't seem too bad when it's down in black and white. There was room in the skip for the doors but this gives you an idea of the 'before' kitchen.
 And one more before and after photo. Tom was really good at keeping his house in order and in his day would be up the ladders in a flash painting and cleaning. What he didn't like doing though was asking people to do jobs for him or worse still, paying people to do them, which meant as time went by things got neglected. 
But now we've put new PVC cladding up and covered the crazy paving it's looking much better. We're trying to keep future maintenance to a minimum and this will just need a good wipe down every year. The windows and back door need to be changed and the blots on the landscape (aka wheelie bins) also need to be tidied up. I reckon in years to come someone with unearth that crazy paving and it will be like us discovering Roman mosaics!

Can't believe it's weekend again. I wish somebody would slow this world down for a while. 



  1. you are really throwing yourselves into things and getting stuck in. I love that. It's actually a good tonic for me this week (not been the best week), I'm so enjoying your shenanigans at No. 14.

    Well done that man for the cake making. Encourage that as much as you can, you might have a future cake maker running his own business. Just think of the spectacular cakes he'll make you for free! :O) x

  2. I suppose it's easy as we're not doing much of it ourselves, although organising the workmen is a definite work of art. Another thing that helps is that although there's a budget it's flexible and the money is actually there, so we're not having to wait and save up like we do at Number 38 for major jobs. Having said that there's been a lot of behind the scenes clearing out which only we could do and Mark worked like a horse at the weekend with nephew.

    Sorry to hear you've not had a good week. Hope it's just been one of those weeks where nothing seems to go right, but nothing major has gone wrong xx.

    Thomas has wanted to be a policeman since he was about 3. Maybe a fireman might be better. They get to spend a lot of time in the kitchen don't they, waiting for call outs :) Hope things perk up for you. Have a good weekend. xx

  3. I hope you enjoyed the cake. You're doing a fantastic job with the house. X

  4. The cake was lovely, especially as we threw some chunks of chocolate in as well.

    The house does seem to be coming on great, (touch wood). Upstairs is nearly done and every time I go up there I think it looks better than ours. Mind you there are no kids or dogs running around leaving a trail of mess behind them. In fact, forget tenants, I might move up there myself. xx