Sunday, 20 September 2015

Busy Weekend

These pictures pretty much sum up what we've been doing all weekend.

Bedrooms, bathroom and loft are now completely cleared out. I wish I'd taken a before picture but I forgot the camera. But to give you an idea, I've never seen the radiator before, there's always been things stacked in front of it, so I was surprised when it was finally revealed at how long it is. 
 The lounge has taken on the role of holding bay. In the next couple of days Aunty Betty is coming to take most of this stuff which means we can get on with stripping the wallpaper. Or rather our nephew can. He's worked like a trooper this weekend and we wouldn't be anywhere near finished if it wasn't for him. We've offered him the chance to do some odd jobs for us like painting the decking and shed, stripping wallpaper etc. and he jumped at the chance of earning some money.
And the final shot shows the fruits of our labour. We'll need another skip for the kitchen rip out, but everything else we've managed to get in this one. I was walking up the road this morning at 9.15am to open up Number 14 and I saw 2 men by the skip. I thought they were looking to see what we'd thrown in. By the time I'd got there they'd got in their car and gone, but not before dumping an old stereo in there. I don't mind admitting I felt a little bit of skip possessiveness/rage come over me. Cheeky blighters.
Anyway, hope you've all managed to have a more laid back and less busy weekend than us.



  1. don't blame you for the skip rage, I'd feel the same. fine for people to take out junk if they can make use of it, but to use it to dump their crap? Oh no, bad show.

    I get a bit possessive with my wheelie bins. One Christmas a neighbour wandered around looking in everyone's recycling bin, presumably because they'd had a lot of card and paper generated over Christmas. I just thought what a cheek. Everyone has extra rubbish over Christmas, not just them.

    You've certainly been busy bees with sorting, clearing, and decorating. Your nephew is a Godsend.

  2. Yes, If people can use something they're welcome to take it. But to dump their stuff is out of order. Skips don't come cheap either, this one cost us £216.

    We only have 2 wheelie bins, general rubbish and plastic. I hate seeing them all lined up outside houses so the less we have the better. Any cardboard etc. we take down to the tip ourselves. Our Council have decreed that from October our bins will be emptied every 3 weeks instead of every fortnight but we'll all get a special food waste bin to use. Not sure where that's going as we've no room on the front and as access to our garden is through the house it can't go out back. I don't even believe any of this stuff is actually recycled either. It's just a money saving exercise. xx

  3. Good on your nephew! They are useful, aren't they? Mine has just finished a computer degree and has saved my bacon countless times by acting like my helpline when I manage to mess something up. Which reminds me, I must check everyone's computer for safety.

  4. Haha, they certainly do come in handy at times. He does crossfit so I think he looked on the lifting and running up and down the stairs as part of his training. Me and Mark would still be there now huffing and puffing. Hope you've managed to sort your printer out and don't have to buy a new one xx