Thursday, 3 September 2015

Back in the Routine

The first day back at school seems to have gone well for Amy and Thomas. Amy took her science GCSE in the summer term and found out today that she got a B which she's really pleased about and Thomas' wobbly tooth fell out. It's been nice getting back into my own routine as well.

First job of the day was to take Thomas to fracture clinic where they took off the whopper of a bandage and replaced it with a splint. Far less impressive in my personal opinion!

Then I gave 2 walls in the kitchen a quick once over with emulsion to cover some splashes and splodges that have been irritating me for weeks.
The Lidl shop is also back to being on a Thursday. That's another thing about returning from holiday, trying to get the weekly shop back to the right day without making everybody eat cereal for days on end. 

This week I bought some new decorations in a nod to autumn and to go with a pottery owl I bought in Devon.
I have shamelessly pinched the shelf changing idea from Sadie over at Life in the English Rain and must say it's rather nice looking at something different every few weeks. I feel the need for conkers so will be taking Thomas to the local park this weekend to see if we can find some.
We're also back into the routine of visiting Mum Thursday evenings which is where we've just been.

I'm sat down with a brew now all ready to watch Bake Off which we somehow missed last night.

For all you Mums, teachers and teaching assistants whose first day back was today, I hope you and yours have also had a good day. 



  1. yey, first day out the way! All went well here, and I was so relieved!

    Totally agree, much as it's lovely to have kids home for summer hols, that getting back into your own routine feeling is wonderful.

    Hurrah to your seasonal shelf! Looks gorgeous.

    Have a lovely Friday, and here comes the weekend, let's get the Cava opened! (well, later on, as it's not yet midday!) x

    1. Hi Sadie, did you pop open the Cava? Glad Violet had a good day.The first day back is always a bit nervy isn't it. Hoping they'll like their teacher and they get to sit near their friends etc. Luckily Thomas' new teacher took him for maths last year so they both know each other already which will probably save me going in to iron out the usual problems we can encounter sometimes. I'm off shopping with Amy this afternoon and conker hunting later on with Thomas - if I can prize him out of his PJ's that is. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  2. It is hard getting back into the swing of things after a holiday, isn't it, but sounds like you're doing rather well (thinking about it, I must be in permanent post holiday mode). Love your shelf decorations, congrats to Amy and hope the Tooth Fairy paid a visit 'cos you're never too old!

  3. Morning Liz. The tooth fairy came because Thomas told me not to forget to put £1 under his pillow! We are at the Father Christmas stage this year. I think he's still going along with it for my sake to be honest. The days seem longer than usual at the moment and I'm getting loads done in half the time, but that's probably because Tom isn't here rather than the kids being back at school. It does seem odd having a full day with no demands being made on us. xx