Saturday, 26 September 2015

Another year older

Joan is 85 years old today. She thinks she's 92. And she has no idea what she looks like. I took a photo of her, showed it to her and she said "who's that". When I told her she said "I'm not that old". 

Anyway, we took her presents, a new cardigan which she wasn't that bothered about and some chewy mints and a birthday cake which made her eyes light up. I expect some little old lady will be sat in an armchair next time we visit wearing the cardigan. No matter that we follow the rules and label everything, it seems to be a case of share and share alike with clothes.
It's been pretty quiet up at Number 14 today. Plumber Chris (we have two workmen called Chris working up there so they have been given the titles of Plumber Chris and Plastic Chris), has removed a corner shower unit and replaced it with a bath. It's not quite ready for an 'after' shot but here's the before. Tom removed the bath when Joan couldn't get in it any more and had a shower installed instead. We will have to do something with the tiles though as there are about 30 holes all over the place that were drilled for the shower seat, grab rail, etc. that Joan needed.
The granny square blanket has been neglected lately but I managed to crochet a couple of squares this afternoon.
But no jigsaw today. I'm still psyching myself up to working through all those black & white pieces.



  1. Joan looks like she is enjoying that cake. I hopr she enjoyed her day. The beauty of granny squares is that they can easily be completed when you have a bit of spare time. I Iove that colour. X

  2. She had two pieces but at 85 years old who's counting! Each square takes me about 10-15 minutes so yes, they are ideal for when I have a bit of spare time. Lemon and lime are 2 of my favourite colours. I once chose a lime coloured carpet for our bedroom. It looked a lot nicer than it sounds :) xx

  3. Hi - I have popped over to visit your blog from a hidden jem's blog. Really enjoyed having a good read. Joan at

  4. Hi Joan and welcome to Number 38. Glad you're enjoying the blog. Life at Number 38 veers from chaotic to downright boring at times, but it's all good fun - well, most of the time :) xx

  5. Aww, Joan looks like she's really enjoying that slice of cake. Know what you mean about the clothing pass the parcel. I visited Aunty in her care home recently and I don't know whose cardigan she was wearing but it certainly wasn't hers!

  6. She did enjoy it. We visited in the morning and left the cake in the kitchen for when Aunty Edith visited in the afternoon, so she even got another piece later on in the day. We gave up asking about her clothes quite early on. Joan didn't have a clue what was hers and neither did the staff lol. xx