Sunday, 13 September 2015

Another Weekend Over

Saturday didn't start too well at Number 38. The shower wouldn't work so at 9am I was sat on the loo in the buff reading out instructions to Mark. Thankfully after 40 minutes of messing about it was working again. 

Yesterday afternoon I spent some time on the jigsaw and pieced together some jigsaw jewels. 
And Amy spent some time in the kitchen making a cake. She made one a few weeks ago and broke some orange club biscuits into it which tasted delicious. This time she chose bourbons and although it's a good cake I prefer the taste of the chocolatey orange one.
Today, we went over to see Aunty Edith. She's 92 tomorrow so we took her birthday cards and her favourite Dairy Box Chocolates. She was in fine fettle and was telling Amy that when she left school at 14 she worked in the Senior Service cigarette factory, starting at 8am and finishing at 6pm. I look at the kids today, my own included, and I think you wouldn't last a week!
We also took her something very special. Joan and her had a cousin Thomas who died in Japan working on the Burma Railway when he was 21. Before he was called up to fight he was an artist and a textile pattern designer. 

There has been talk over the years of his paintings and designs being somewhere, but it wasn't until about 6 months ago that Tom told us he had them in his house, but he didn't know where. Anyway, I found them last week in the bottom of a suitcase, so we handed them back to Aunty today. There must be over 50 and I've kept 4 tiny ones and one of his textile patterns, which I'll get framed.
The little ones only measure about 2x4" and are quite detailed for their size. 
It was definitely a good find, but really the best bit about it was seeing her face light up when we handed them to her.



  1. that artwork is amazing. What a lovely find.

    Glad the shower got working again!

    A working day of 8 - 6? never mind the kids, I wouldn't be happy doing those hours either. Bet they didn't get much in the way of breaks either.

    Yep. the weekend is over. They don't seem to last long enough do they? :o(

  2. It was one of those exciting moments when you stumble across something that you hope to find but aren't sure if you will. And Aunty was thrilled to get them.

    I asked about her breaks and she says she got 15 minutes in the morning, one hour for lunch and another 15 minutes in the afternoon. But yes, that's a long day for an adult let alone a 14 year old girl. She's also of the era that when she got married (aged 21) she gave up work, for no other reason than she was now a wife. Amy found that as hard to grasp as the long hours.

    The weekends fly by. In fact time in general seems to be going double quick. A sure sign of getting older :( xx