Saturday, 29 August 2015

Thumbs up - apart from Thomas!

Hello! We're home. Refreshed and ready to take on the world - well a house clearance and a mountain of paperwork at least. 

In a way an enforced rest from blogging and the internet has been good, (the connection was non existent where we were for some reason), and yet I've missed 'writing in my diary' every day.

Anyway, this has been our home for the past week and very comfortable it has been as well.
The setting was lovely, all countryside, rabbits, peace and quiet and massive mushrooms all over the place!
 The decking was definitely an added bonus and although it rained a few times when the sun came out it was warm enough, (sometimes too warm would you believe), to sit out. Mostly we had afternoon tea out here, which of course just had to be scones, jam and clotted cream. I'm not fussy about the jam/cream/top/bottom rule. I just dollop it on and savour the moment. 
The holiday park is lovely and although it has changed since we first rolled up in our touring caravan 10 years ago, it still retains its charm. The main attraction back in the day was the outdoor heated pool and pub. Now there is a cafe, an indoor play area, an arcade, evening entertainment and a fantastic indoor pool and gym. The outdoor heated pool is still really popular but I have to confess we're soft city sissies and we opted for the indoor pool every time.
We did get our daily quota of fresh air and exercise though and walked up the country lane a couple of times, which although a simple thing to do is one of the best parts of the holiday for me.
It only takes 10-15 minutes to get to the harbour at Cockwood.
Where I desperately wanted to get the paint out and give these little boats a make over.
We also got out and about every day visiting Teignmouth and Dawlish Warren which I've shared with you previously. This time we also found beautiful Babbacombe which I'll post about in the next couple of days.
We also managed to fit in a visit to Dawlish A&E and then because it wasn't their day to have the x-ray machine, (how sweet), we had a trip over to the hospital at Exeter

The reason why? Well, after spending 3 days encouraging Thomas to have a go on the trampolines at the funfair at Dawlish Warren he finally plucked up the courage to have a go. 

No word of a lie, 6 jumps in he bounced down on his knees (at my suggestion - yes I do feel very guilty), put his hands out to steady himself and only went and broke his thumb. Luckily it happened Thursday afternoon, so didn't impact on anything too much.
The Doctor at Exeter strapped it up with tape and told us to get it looked at again when we returned home, so on Monday, our first job of the day will be a trip to North Manchester General.

I tell you, only at Number 38! 



  1. oh no! What a thing to happen. Actually, it's the kind of thing that could very easily happen to us too. I hope Thomas is ok, and just in time for back to school!! Argh!

    Other than that, it all looks very beautiful. I'm glad you had a good and refreshing trip away. Missed your blog though :o( I can be selfish like that.

    Welcome home!

    1. Aww it's nice to be missed. I can't believe he broke his thumb - no writing and no PE immediately springs to mind. He can't even open a packet of crisps bless him. How he'll go on with buttons on his trousers when he needs the loo I've no idea lol.

      The holiday was lovely. Glad to be back home in some ways and yet in others wish I was still there.I do not like all the washing and ironing that is always a part of our holidays though xx

  2. Ahhhhhh poor boy! You wicked mother!! Hope he gets better soon! We are back too! Glad you had a lovely time xx

    1. I know, if only I'd not got all giddy that he was actually on there jumping and encouraged him to do a knee bounce, he would have been fine. He is a bit accident prone though. He jumped off the settee when he was 3 and broke his leg so a thumb is no big dea really, (she says to make herself feel better) xx

  3. I love the idea that the x ray machine travels about, so you have to know where it is on what day!
    Glad you had a good time; and that the accident happened at the right end of the holiday. Good luck at the Big Hospital later!

    1. It is quaint isn't it, unless you're the one with the broken bone I suppose lol.

      Mind you the plus side was that the drive to two hospitals, (one a 25 mile round trip), checking in twice, the x-ray and the doctor strapping it up only took 2.5 hours in total. Tomorrow at Manchester we could spend more time than that waiting to be seen after being triaged. xx