Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Thorough Vs. Farcical

I tried the blackcurrant jam this morning and it's very tasty indeed. It's a little bit sharp but mostly sweet so right up my street.
Amy wanted to go to shopping for make up last night so we headed down to The Fort. She bought leggings and contour powder, which to be honest looks like brown blusher to me, but hey I'm 48 so what do I know.

I took the opportunity to stack up on some books from Asda. For anybody who has read The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, the top book on the pile is the story of Queenie, Harold's colleague from years ago who has cancer and who on a whim he decides to walk the length of the country to see.
I also bought some new towels and a basket for the bathroom. Not sure if they will ever get rolled and displayed like this again though. 
These beautiful flowers were delivered today. They're from my sister who's in Portugal. It's lovely that people have taken the time to send cards and flowers and write to me on my blog. I'm lucky to have such caring people in my life. 
A little update on the funeral. Last Friday we were told by the Funeral Director that the last Doctor who had visited Tom had been to the funeral home and confirmed that Tom was indeed Tom. 

However, UK law requires two Doctors to see a deceased person and confirm cause of death. As of today this second Doctor has yet to make an appearance. 

Not that it matters really, because another thing we've also learnt is that when we register the death we will be given a code. Until the funeral parlour has that code Tom can't be embalmed. As the earliest appointment we could get with the registrar is this Thursday I don't suppose the Doctor not turning up yet really matters.

I'm beginning to think there should be some sort of inquiry into why everything takes so long regarding a funeral in the UK. There's a big difference between thorough and farcical and the whole thing now seems to be bordering on the latter.



  1. hmm. I tend to agree. It makes a sad and difficult time even harder. You just want to be able to say a proper goodbye to the chap, all this hold up isn't good for any of you.

    That jam looks superb. I saw your reply and have to say that nope, not even going to try. I know me, and I know my limits. I'd burn the fruit or myself, or end up with some mouldy concoction in a jar from not sterilising properly. Any mistake possible, I'd make it. So I will continue to watch the jam makers on the 'net and be impressed :O)

    1. I feel like the whole of the summer holidays have been taken up trying to sort this funeral out. By the time it's taken place Tom will have been dead 23 days which I find ridiculous.

      Haha, I'm sure you wouldn't be that bad at making jam. I definitely need a funnel if I make any more though, it all got a bit sticky at the end and that blackcurrant juice seemed to get everywhere. xx

  2. Poor Tom. It really does seem like you are being passed from pillar to post unnecessarily. Hopefully you will be sorted soon x

    1. As I've just posted to Angel Jem, I think the whole process needs to be looked at. It's bordering on the ridiculous now. xx

  3. It's not designed to make a bad time better, is it? Eventually it will be settled, I hope!

    1. It's definitely too prolonged. Considering his age, his illness and the fact that he died in hospital, I still can't understand why it's taken so long. The whole process definitely needs looking at. xx