Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Still being patient

So, here we sit 9 days down the line and not much further on with anything. 

Tom eventually reached the top of the list and the coroner has been notified but we are still waiting to hear whether he will just issue the death certificate or whether further investigation or a post mortem is needed. 

When we eventually have the certificate we then need to book an appointment with the registrar to register the death, then we need to book an appointment with the Vicar, then we need to book the crematorium.

We are in no rush by any means but I do keep thinking at the back of my mind that this funeral seems to be taking a long time to happen. Realistically it probably won't take place until the end of next week.

It's odd really because due to the length of time that's passed with nothing much happening, life seems to have slowly returned back to normal and in the midst of it all I'll suddenly think "oh, we've still got to do the funeral". 

One of the last things Tom said to us was to treat ourselves to a little holiday, so we've been having a look for somewhere to go before Amy and Thomas go back to school. We can't seem to find anything, I don't think we're really in the mood, and time is marching on so maybe we will go away for a weekend in September instead.



  1. these things do seem to take a while to organise.
    Good idea to take a holiday. Especially as you were told to do so :O)

  2. Hi Sadie. Hope you had a lovely holiday. I've yet to catch up with blogs but will be popping over to see what you've been up to shortly. Dad died 21 years ago on a Friday and the funeral was held the following Friday. When I mentioned this to the funeral director she said that wouldn't happen these days. Investigations are much more thorough thanks to Harold Shipman and there is far more form filling to carry out. We feel like we need a holiday, but to be honest neither of us has any inclination to look or organise one. No doubt one day we will just 'do it'. xx

  3. I hope things go smoothly from now on. A break afterwards will be welcome and perfect. maybe start having a little look - the distraction might be good for the soul x

  4. I feel better already now we have a date for the funeral. I hate uncertainty and like to know what I'm doing. I can't decide whether it's lack of patience or more a need to be in control lol. I'm thinking a weekend away might be a good start. xx

  5. It's so different from Ireland where you can be dead and buried within the week! I'm glad things are sorted now.

  6. Hi Angel Jem, yes things are slowly getting sorted. It's such a long drawn out affair these days. I keep thinking what about children who have passed or parents who have passed and have young children. It must be unbearable for them to have to wait so long. xx