Saturday, 1 August 2015


Thank you all for your lovely comments regarding Tom. It's been good to be able to let it all out over the past few months and the understanding and encouragement you've all shown really has been appreciated.

This week has been a mixed bag of a few busy moments followed by a lot of having nothing much to do at all.

Tom is still at the hospital mortuary. Because he deteriorated so quickly in the ambulance it was classed as an unexpected death so it has gone to the coroner and there is a backlog. If the coroner finds no discrepancies then he will release the medical certificate and cause of death which we need in order to register the death.

Until we have that we can't do anything official, although we have had the funeral director round to discuss arrangements. Mark is getting together with Tom's brothers and sisters tomorow to write the eulogy and we have chosen the music, a reading, a poem and the flowers. All we have to do now is wait for the paperwork so we can book an official date with them. 

Amy comes back off holiday this morning. She's face timed us every day which has been difficult as we haven't told her about Tom. There's nothing she could do and there was no point in ruining her holiday, so we have to break the news to her when she arrives home. She was the apple of her Grandad's eye and she will be devastated.  

The day Tom died was also the day the bathroom fitter arrived to start the job. In a funny way having him here has been a bit of a saving grace. It's been something else we've needed to focus on rather than just sitting around waiting. 

All we need do now is be patient which seems very apt as one of Tom's favourite sayings when we were running around like headless chickens (usually for him!) was "what's the rush Billy".



  1. Life is funny, isn't it? Keeping busy with other things, new bathrooms, is often what gets us through the day to day. It is good that Amy had a nice holiday without knowing of her Granddad's passing, as you say she could have done nothing but feel badly. Sending a big hug to you both.

  2. It's the day to day stuff that keeps you grounded. I think you did the right thing re Amy. Her last memories will be of him in a good place. Keeping you close in my heart x

  3. I'd have done the same, and not told Amy.
    I'm glad you have things to keep your mind occupied. You're right, sometimes a distraction is a good thing.