Monday, 10 August 2015

Jam Making

A bit of jam making took place at Number 38 today amongst other things. We'd picked just over 1kg of blackcurrants, more by luck than judgement, so all I needed to do was add 1kg sugar, 125ml water and a knob of butter. 

After a good rinse and bit of de-stalking I put all the ingredients in the pan and brought it to the boil, then let it bubble gently for about 30 minutes.
I don't have a thermometer so I used the tried and tested cold saucer and finger method. It took 3 goes before it stayed separated.
Nor do I have a funnel so I had to ladel it into the jars which got a bit messy, but nothing that a good wipe over with a clean damp cloth didn't solve. 
No fancy jars either I'm afraid. I just sterilised what I had in the cupboard. The 1kg of blackcurrants gave me this much jam. I'll give the small jar to Mum.
We've booked a holiday! We're going back to Cofton in Devon. We've been twice before, once in our own caravan and once in a cottage. They didn't have any cottages available so this time we are going in one of their holiday homes a.k.a. an extra large caravan that has decking around it that you can sit out on!

We are going the Saturday after Tom's funeral. Normally we'd be inclined to try somewhere different but Cofton is lovely and this year I feel we need to know where we are going and what we are getting, just so that we can sit back, relax and enjoy ourselves.



  1. Where abouts is Cofton? We are off to Devon on Sat 22nd :-) your jam looks lovely! I've had 16 black currants this year. That's right. 16! I've not even picked them!

  2. Sorry Rachel, but your 16 blackcurrants keep making me giggle. Not as bad as my sweetpeas though, I've only got one flower and it's nearly Winter! What a coincidence, Cofton is South Devon, in between Starcross and Dawlish Warren. Where are you headed? Perhaps we should both wear a red carnation all week just in case we pass each other at some point lol xx

  3. yum. love jam and admire anyone who can make their own.

    Glad you've got a holiday sorted out. Just the tonic for you all :o)

    1. You should have a go Sadie. It might take longer on the boil than the recipe says but it all seems to get to the setting stage in the end.

      I'm really looking forward to the holiday, just didn't want to mess around trying to find one. At least we know we like the place and for a bit of a change we'll probably go out a couple of days to different places although this year I'm quite happy to be a creature of habit. xx

  4. We are off to near Bideford which is the North I think! It took a lot of persuading from the HG to me to leave my precious Wales alone this year and me to the HG to drive all that way! The jigsaw app is Magic Puzzles. That one is on iPad only. They do o e for iPhone but I think that would make me lose my mind!

    1. Wales is another favourite of ours. We usually go to Talacre during one of the half terms and then drive out a couple of days to different places. These days I'd quite happily stay in the UK, I think we have some lovely places. Mark likes a bit of sun though. I'll have a look at the jigsaw app, the one I'm doing gives me palpitations with the clock ticking! xx