Sunday, 16 August 2015

Granny Squares - ish

My brother, wife and niece have been up for the weekend visiting. This is the brother I don't see very often and whose wedding I went to last month so it's been lovely to see them again so soon. They're staying with Mum but came down last night for a few drinks and a take-away. It was a really good night and I'm determined to see them more often in the future.

My granny square pile is growing. I've worked out I need about 120 squares for the size of blanket I want to make. 'Squares' is very much a loose term as they are by no means perfect, in fact I've made a mistake on every one in this pile which means one side is slightly longer than the others. Depending on how much it annoys me I might unpick them and do them again.  
I cooked roast beef for lunch, the first time for weeks as nobody has really wanted one and somehow during holidays our meal times become totally disjointed. Thomas wanted to help so I put him to work topping and tailing the green beans. He enjoyed the danger element of a proper knife very much indeed. 
And I have eaten one of these today. I make no apologies for the fact. It was delicious and I enjoyed every mouthful. 



  1. oh crikey woman, now I'm craving mille-feuille! what is it with you & showing cake & making me crave it?

    I love your granny squares. I'm mighty impressed with crocheters just as much as I am with jam makers, because it's something else I can't do.

    ha to Thomas and his danger of the kitchen. Violet has asked to help cook with me in the kitchen tomorrow. Story behind it is this. Today she was a pain in the rump. So, I took off and hid in my hiding place (between you & me, it's behind the garage. I'm keeping it quiet even from Bill). From my hidey hole I was able to calm down and spy on Bill and Violet. Violet kept going in the house looking for me, then she'd come out and walk from back garden to front asking Bill where I was. Then she spotted my cleaning stuff (been cleaning windows and windowsills), so after a while I waited until the coast was clear and came out of my retreat as if I'd been cleaning windows all that time. Violet was upset because 'I thought it was just me and dad from now on'. Good. I wanted her to have a little shock because she'd been really horrible. Had a moment of guilt when she said she'd been worried about me, but that didn't last long. She said she was worried because she wondered how they'd eat, and they'd have to have more takeaways, or she'd have to do the cooking. When I asked her how she'd make things her answers were a little shocking.
    To fry eggs she'd 'smash eggs in a pan'. For baking cakes she'd use 'a bit of flour and an egg'. Hmm. She has much to learn, so I'd better start teaching her!

    Worried about how they'd eat indeed. Nice that my vanishing act was cast aside so easily! And, she was so upset that when I found my camera had appeared in the kitchen and looked, I found about fifty million photos of a ladybird she'd found in the garden and a couple of selfies. Oh yeah, she was upset about disappearance! She'd be really annoyed if she knew I was just sitting hidden by a water butt watching her!


    1. Oh that's funny. Every mother should have a hiding place and a good pair of earmuffs so that you can't hear them shouting for you. I think it was my nanna who told the story about how she once said to her little boy, "if you don't give me a minute to myself, I'm going to go round the bend" and he replied "can I come too"!

      She may not have the finer skills but at least Violet has an idea of what to do to survive should you ever leave them. I love that her first thought was getting more takeaways, they are so funny aren't they. At the moment Thomas would just have to bulk buy plain hula hoops and blue riband and he'd be fine.

      Thomas has a thing about my camera as well. He'll just go around taking random photos of corners of the house or inside wardrobes. Apparently it's all to do with playing army and spies and no, I'm not allowed to delete them. I tend to leave them for a few days then get rid of them but you can bet your bottom dollar that weeks later he'll say "you know that photo I took of the corner of my wardrobe, can you print it off for me"! Kids, eh, who'd have them. :) xx

  2. Granny squares or Granny quadrilaterals? Join a few together and see if the weird sides make a difference, or can you live with it.
    And well done on the roast beef. I cooked lamb last night and loved every mouthful of it!

  3. Morning Angel Jem. I've got a plan. I've done about 15 and considering I need over 100 I think inserting the odd one here or there throughout the blanket will be fine. The beef was lovely and plenty left over which Mark made sandwiches with for tea. xx