Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Easing in Gently

I'm easing my way back into blogging today. I realised I'd not posted any photos of my brother's wedding and most of them I took are on my phone, but here are a couple. 

Thomas looking very dapper in his new jacket.
My buttonhole which wouldn't pin onto my top without dragging it down, so I pinned it onto my bag instead. 
The day was lovely from start to finish and over the next few days I'll faff around downloading more pictures from my phone. 

This afternoon I took Amy and Thomas to the cinema to see 'Inside Out' while Mark stayed in with the bathroom fitter. The job should be finished tomorrow. By the end of the first day he'd ripped everything out bar the toilet but as he's gone on other jobs have needed to be done including replacing the floor which was in a pretty bad state.
We've made a start on the first one of Tom's many boxes, drawers and cupboards of paperwork. It will take weeks. To give you an idea, nothing is in any order and there are up to date documents mixed up with car receipts from the 1960's and wage slips from his first job. And everything is in an envelope within an envelope which means we are going to have to go through it all. 

Progress isn't helped by the fact that I find his things fascinating and am easily distracted. Over the past few days we've come across Tom's Dad's pocket watch, his confirmation book and a beautiful Sunday school booklet full of stickers that were collected every week.
We've also found his identity card, the receipt for Joans wedding ring and wedding dress, his school leaving certificate and his soldier's pay book from when he did national service
We can't possibly keep everything and Mark isn't really bothered about 'trinkets or memorabilia', but I'm going to find a nice box and keep a few things of interest in there just so that one day Matthew, Amy and Thomas will have something to look at if they ever want to. 



  1. love all the old papers and receipts. Things like that really are distracting, in a good way. Little time capsules and precious memories. A lovely idea to keep them stashed away for Amy and Thomas.

    Wedding pics look very nice, a handsome young chap in pic 1!

    Eeks to the bathroom photo. That's the trouble with having big stuff done, it makes such a mess, but is so nice when finally done.

    Good to see you blogging again. Have missed your regular posts more than you can know.

    1. It's really interesting looking through all the things Tom has saved. Just wish he'd brought some of them out and talked about the stories behind them while he was still here. We are left guessing about a lot of things. The bathroom is 99% finished. He's coming back Monday to snag and clean. It's not been too bad actually but I'm ready to get back to normal now and have been cleaning through the house. xx

  2. I'm just like you, looking at everything whilst sorting. The reciepts are just beautiful! Make sure you buy a big beautiful box to put everything in x it's History.

    1. It's fascinating what he's kept. Both him and Joan were very matter of fact people and I've been surprised at the sentimentality behind lots of things we've come across. Mark's 1st birthday cards, Amy's first school show ticket etc. Just a shame he never talked about anything he had. He was very cloak and dagger but I bet there would have been some great stories behind some of the things we've found. xx

  3. It would take me ages to go through it all. Like you, it is so interesting to me and I would have to read everything. You are getting to know a new side to Tom and Joan, a shame they couldn't share that with you but that is who they were. All that going on "behind the scenes".
    I am glad that you are blogging again. Thomas looks very handsome and quite comfortable in his new jacket! Can't wait to see more pics.
    A sparkling new bathroom is the best. Ours is now 4 years old and its time to freshen the paint but I still like the tile and fixtures. :) Good thing as they have to last a good long time.

  4. Hi Candace, I'm going to have to watch Mark, I think he'd quite happily just clear it all out and dump it in the bin but I want to go through it all. I've taken myself up there a couple of times and spent an hour looking through stuff. At first it felt like prying but now, as you say, it feels like I'm learning more about them and their lives. And I know for a fact anything Tom didn't want us to come across he would have got rid of.

    Our last bathroom served us well, I think it must be around 17 years since we had it fitted. There was nothing wrong with it and as they are a big expense I never felt the need to change it. Over the past couple of years though we've had to deal with leaks and cracked tiles etc. so it was definitely ready for an update.

    Thomas loved the wedding. It's the first one he's been to and I couldn't get him off the dance floor! xx