Monday, 31 August 2015

Competitive Clinics and Cinema

This morning we went to A&E at North Manchester where they decided it would be easier for them to start again, which meant another x-ray for Thomas.    

There was no query about the diagnosis of a broken bone, but I think a little bit of North v. South competitiveness regarding the bandage took over. I'm trying not to be biased but I think the North won! We have to go back to the fracture clinic on Thursday at 8.40am - the first day back at school for Thomas. The Headteacher will be having palpitations about his attendance marks being down on the first day but personally, I feel our support for the local A&E is equally important :)  
Tonight the boys are staying home while me and Amy take a girlie trip to the cinema to see Paper Towns. I have no idea what it's about and although Amy has the book she's only read the first couple of chapters. I like going to the cinema with Amy because she watches the film, doesn't talk, can open her own sweets and is able to take herself to the toilet. 

When we went to see Pixels Thomas wanted a packet of maltesers and I found myself paying £3.15 for them, so this time I've bought supplies in advance.
I'm de-cluttering the house again. I'm sure I only did it a few weeks ago, but so far I've filled 3 black bags with rubbish and I have a black bag full of clothes for the charity shop along with several books and a picture Amy doesn't want any more.

The problem is the shop isn't open until Wednesday so although I'm clearing out, I've got piles of stuff everywhere which is driving me nuts.

I'm love some professional to tell me why if my house is cluttered my mind feels cluttered and I can't function properly. 



  1. well, if your house is cluttered, your mind feels cluttered because that's all you can focus on. By clearing it out you can see more space and therefor your mind feels clearer.

    Just know that should we meet, you owe me £150 for that wisdom ;o)

    Right or wrong, that's what I think. Violet was (shockingly) trying to tidy her room, and wanted me to give her boxes and basket to put stuff in. I reused. I told her she was just using them to try and cram crap into to stash in one place, rather than actually decluttering and getting rid of stuff. The two are totally different things. It is my belief that a peaceful mind and decluttered house are completely related and vital to keep the sanity.

    Poor Thomas! Oh, so your school have this attendance rubbish too do they? I've already worded my views about it in a letter to Violet's headmistress. If kids are poorly or need an appointment, then THAT is far more important that stupid attendance percentages. Violet always has dentist appointments in school hols, and if she needs the drs during school I get her in as early as poss so she'll be back by 9 or thereabouts. Don't get me started, just don't!

    I hope Thomas's thumb isn't too painful. As I am Dahn Sarf I've got to stick up for our southern bandaging ways, but I would be just the same as you. Home is always much better!

    Oh yes, and when Bill and Violet plot a visit to the pictures, I buy the sweeties for them in advance. And they take little tubs of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, because buying them from Asda is so much cheaper than the cinema!

    Hope you had a lovely Bank Holiday Monday x

    1. Haha I shall start saving up for the on line consultation you have given me. I think you are right. Quite often it's not what I can see that drives me mad, it's what I know has been crammed into wardrobes and drawers. The saying out of sight out of mind definitely doesn't apply to me.

      I used to cringe when Amy said she was tidying her bedroom and she would never throw anything away either.

      Oh don't get me started on school attendance either. As soon as she said the appointment was on Thursday Thomas started panicking about going on the yellow side (warning). In the end I said he would get a special medical mark just to stop him worrying. It's awful the way they're not even allowed to be ill. At his old school, after I'd left, a letter came out which basically said if your child is ill still bring them to school and we'll decide if they should be here or not! Yes, I've written letters about it as well.

      The problem with Thomas' old school was it had a lot of transient children who would just disappear but legally had to stay on the register for 4 weeks by which time the whole attendance marks were well below par and therefore everybody had to suffer the consequences. A case of the few spoiling it for the majority.

      The film was good and the choccies went down a treat, especially as they only cost £1 per packet.

      The bandage is a bit OTT isn't it. Think she started wrapping and couldn't stop lol. There is a tiny little thumb under there somewhere.

      We had a good Bank Holiday although they don't seem as special anymore since giving up work. Hope yours was enjoyable. xx

  2. apologies for all the missed s's and stuff in comment, I have been at the Cava (and am not sorry about it either!)

  3. And so you shouldn't be either. A glass.... or two of cava should never be apologised for lol. I must be drunk on fresh air because your post reads fine to me, although it is late and I haven't got my glasses on :) xx

  4. He looks rather proud of his thumb!! I work in school and the attendance thing drives me mad!! It's worse when poor parents feel harassed to bring in sick kids who are then SICK and I have to clean it up n send them home again!!

    1. It's a whopper of a bandage isn't it! I know exactly where you're coming from with the sick thing. Parents would ring in and say s/he was sick in the night should I still send her/him in and the Head would say yes, if they're sick again we'll send them home. OK for her sat in her plush office keying in her stats but what about the poor buggers clearing up the mess. Not to mention the bug they've obviously got being spread around.

      Thomas' school has a rule that if they've been sick until they've had a clear run of 24 hours they can't go in, which seems common sense to me. I just feel sorry for the kids. You can feel pretty lousy with a cold but they still have to go in. It's bad enough in the work place where you can get up and make yourself a brew or go at your own pace, but to be in a timetabled classroom feeling like carp must be horrible.

      I point blank refuse to send either of mine in if they're ill. My attitude is I'm their mum and I know what's best for them. xx

  5. ouch poor Thomas. Don't worry about the attendance. We're constantly getting snotty letters from school about it, and I just ignore them. Our school has a 48 hour rule about sickness, you can easily miss 4 days of school with a stomach bug........... which my son seems to get about once a month.........

  6. Haha, that's made me laugh about your son. Schools are a pain in the bum with attendance. We get letters sent home from Amy's school saying that missing 3 days is equivalent to X amount of lessons and X amount of hours and it's been proved that grades slip and therefore instead of getting an A they will now only get a D blah blah blah. I'm like you, I ignore them all. It's a sorry state of affairs when a child can't be ill in peace.

    And don't even get me started on the suggestion that "if we send some work home for them to do they can be marked as being educated off site". Like they really want to be doing maths and english when they're in bed with a temperature. xx