Thursday, 13 August 2015

A Full Day

So, today we went to register Tom's death, only to be told they didn't have us on their appointment list! Thankfully, she said it wasn't a problem, (I can't tell you how glad I was about that as I really think this would have been the last straw for us). Anyway, after a 20 minute wait we were able to finally go through. 

However, when the registrar opened the medical certificate filled in by the Doctor it had been filled in wrong. He'd put the place of death as the home where Tom was, when in actual fact he died in hospital and he'd also left the box where he was supposed to put in his GMC reference number and qualifications blank. 

I had visions of this holding us up another week but the registrar was quite happy for us to confirm verbally where Tom had died and she rang the surgery for the rest of the missing information.

After getting the much coveted 'green form' we dropped it straight off at the funeral home so that they had the code which meant Tom could be embalmed.

On a bit of a roll now, we went to order the flowers. A simple job really as I'd already chosen what we were having on-line and it was just a case of ordering them and writing the cards. In total I ordered four arrangements and wrote four cards, one from Joan, one from me and Mark, one from the grandchildren and one from Aunty Edith and Ken. 

This afternoon the order of service was e-mailed over for us to approve and has now been sent to the printers.

Then we got a phone call to say that we could go and see Tom if we wanted to at the funeral home, so tomorrow we will be doing that. 

And that I think is everything pretty much sorted out. A busy but finally a fruitful day.

All we have to do now is have the funeral. 



  1. So sad, but at least things are getting a move on now. Which must be a relief for you all.

    If we lived nearer I'd have done the flowers for you. I'm not a florist but I do flower arrangements and have done weddings and funerals. I prefer the former, but it's nice to be able to give a bit of support in such sad times.

    1. Aww bless you. What a lovely talent to have. Cake decorating and flower arranging are two hobbies I'd like to learn how to do.

      I chose something different from each of us, a casket spray from Joan, a traditional wreath from us, 3 red roses from each of the grandchildren and a sheaf from Aunty. xx

  2. Hopefully you are in the "home stretch" now. You just have to hang in there long enough. I hope that Mark is doing okay with all this as Tom was his father. Bless you all.

  3. Morning Candace, yes thankfully we seem to be all sorted now. Mark is doing OK, but I knew as soon as she said we weren't on the appointment list that he was about to blow his top, which is why I was glad she just asked us to wait. He's got a lot to sort out after the funeral as well but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. xx