Sunday, 5 July 2015

This weekend...

...We've spent quite a bit of time with Tom. He's still not so good, refuses to get into his bed and has taken to sleeping in his chair. I think he's frightened of going to sleep and not waking up again. They called the Doctor out Saturday afternoon as his breathing went a bit funny and after the visit decided to move him downstairs to the nursing section in case he needed oxygen. Then this morning they called out the Macmillan nurse to check him over. It's certainly been a week of dips where he's concerned, just hoping he's reached a plateau now for a couple of weeks.

...I took Thomas strawberry picking.... in the back garden. We managed to get 14 juicy red strawberries and there's probably about the same again yet to ripen.
...I was stood on the decking minding my own business when it just gave way and my foot went through it. I scraped my ankle and got mud on my shoes but it could have been worse I suppose.
...Mark had a boxset binge Friday night and I had a bit of a jigsaw-athon. The Titanic is now completed.
...I decided to cut some flowers for my little vases. These came from the pots that are stood on the much safer patio area.
...We went to look at caravans. We used to own one when Thomas was a baby and had some fantastic times touring around the UK. It's not everyones cup of tea but I really enjoyed it and I'm trying to persuade Mark that it would be a good idea to get another one. 
Not sure how successful I'll be but considering Thomas point blank refuses to go abroad in case there are terrorists it might be the only way we get another holiday!



  1. Just wrapping you and Tom in a bit of ( useless ) internetty love and peace xxx I adore caravans. Static or pulled!

    1. Morning Rachel. We love caravan holidays. We had a static at Ribby Hall for a couple of years when Amy was little. The site was lovely but the couple in the static next to us lived there permanently and had a dog that barked non stop all day while they were at work. It was horrendous and cruel to the dog I thought. The site had an endless list of rules, noise being a major one, but no matter how much we complained they never did anything about it. We holiday in statics but I'd never buy one again. At least with a tourer you can pack up and leave lol. Number 38er's all think caravan holidays are great. xx

    2. Thank you for your love and peace vibes. They are very much appreciated. xx

  2. poor Tom. Hope things settle down for him a bit now, he's certainly having a time of it ;o(

    Good strawb stash! That decking incident could have been nasty, glad you weren't really hurt.

    I'm not a caravan person. Whenever Bill has started to talk about caravans or camping I just give him The Look. He gets the message pretty quickly!

    well done on your jigsaw, have you got a new one lined up?

    have a lovely start to the week x

    1. I was very lucky, not even a cut let alone a broken bone.

      I love caravans. Some of the static ones are really well kitted out and very comfy. We've had a static and a tourer before but I prefer touring - have a look at my reply to Rachel to see why:( Camping is a different matter. I like the idea but in reality I know it wouldn't really be my cup of tea. Mind you these glamping hols look good and some of the tents even have their own loo!

      No jigsaw lined up yet, but watch this space. Thinking of going down the adult colouring book route for a change. xx Just re-read that and it sounds like I'm looking for a pornography colouring book lol. xx

  3. Sorry to hear Tom has been struggling somewhat. It's really touch watching someone's decline from the sidelines.

    Interesting that you're considering buying another caravan. We used to have one when the kids were younger though we didn't venture beyond North Yorks! I love the idea of towing a little home and setting up wherever the fancy takes you but I really really struggle with public facilities (you know what I mean!).

    1. Touch? That should be 'tough'.

    2. Haha. I do know what you mean. Most of the sites we went to were Caravan Club ones and the facilities were really good and spotless. I'm not sure whether the caravans were different when your children were younger but the ones these days have full bathroom facilities including a shower. Thankfully Mark is OK dealing with the waste side of things should the need arise. There is definitely something special about towing a little home behind you.

      It is tough watching someone go downhill. I've spent all day with Tom as he seems able to sleep when someone is with him. xx