Friday, 10 July 2015

This and That

Realised I didn't do a weigh in on Wednesday so did one this morning which is on my weight loss page.

Today I bought cherries from Iceland which taste delicious. I ate my way through half of them within 10 minutes of getting home. I also bought a pack of tissue paper and tags for teacher's thank you presents. Can't believe there are only 4 days of school remaining for Thomas and Amy. 
I have a new flower in the garden. Can't for the life of me remember what it's called but I love the colour of it. It's been very sneaky and bloomed sometime this week without me noticing.
There has been a tiny bit of colouring taking place at Number 38, but not much. The days seem to be full of dealing with Tom lately.
But I did make time for the Murray vs. Federer game. No idea what's happened in this photo but I like the outcome.
And of course you have to have a glass of Pimms because after all what better combination than it being Friday and Wimbledon could you ask for in order to have a glass of something alcoholic. The strawberry is from the garden. The others aren't quite ready but I actually think I might be able to 'harvest' a bowlful for the final on Sunday.
After the match I wandered outside and lit a candle. It was supposed to be just me and my thoughts for a while. I got 5 minutes before I was followed by two dogs, Thomas and Mark.
Then Amy, adopted daughter and AD's boyfriend turned up. So much for peace and quiet. But look what AD's boyfriend brought for me to do. It's only 500 pieces but I think it might take twice as long as my usual 1000 project. Father Christmas brought it for him but he hasn't got around to doing it so he's given it to me. How sweet is that. 



  1. He's lovely Rachel. Really polite, easy to talk to, good for a laugh, great with Thomas nd a really good friend to Amy. Just the sort of lad I hope Amy brings home lol. If AD has to go in early sometimes he'll pop round here for 30 minutes to see us while he's waiting for his bus. I look forward to him coming round. xx