Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Raillway Children - Take 2

If anybody read my blog last night you may have spotted the (deliberate) mistake which was quickly changed this morning. It was regarding the train. I'll tell you at the end of this post if you don't already know.

So, Take 2 of The Railway Children took place in Haworth just one mile from Oakworth Station. There are 2 circular walks that take in the filming locations, one is 2 miles long the other 6 miles. Unfortunately, we always have school time constraints at the back of our mind and being caught up in another school visit was a keen reminder of that, so in order to see everything we used the car to hop from one place to another. Well, that's my excuse anyway.
As usual we parked at the top opposite the Edinburgh Woollen Mill. (I shall not ponder too much on the fact that the ticket we bought peeled off the window in the heat and we returned to find a parking ticket on the windscreen. Or the fact that there was a slight altercation between Mark and the car park attendant or that Mark gave the attendant his ticket back in a little bit of a crumpled state). Instead we shall think nice thoughts and continue with our tour.

A little walk from the car park brings you out at the top end of Haworth . One of the first buildings you see is the Tourist Information Centre which was used as the butchers shop in the film.

It was very warm so before we started to wend our merry way around we bought ice-creams from this lovely old fashioned sweet shop.
I know this isn't a Bronte tour but for anybody who has never been I've thrown a couple of sights in for free! This is the old school room.
And the information plaque is pretty self explanatory. Patrick Bronte outlived all 6 of his children and his wife.
And opposite the school room is Haworth Church which hasn't yet moved into British Summer Time. All the Brontes are buried in a vault inside the church apart from Anne who is buried at Scarborough.
From the church the Brontes could walk through the graveyard and through a small gateway to their house. This is now the Bronte Parsonage Museum and getting back to the Railway Children was used as the home of Doctor Forrest.
 Haworth has got to have one of the steepest Streets I've ever come across. Going down is fine.
But you know you've walked up a hill going back. These little shops were the ones the children popped in and out of when they went around asking villagers for presents for Mr Perk's birthday.

This is the Fleece pub near the bottom of the hill and the film crew, production managers etc. based themselves here until filming was completed.

 After a quick bite to eat in a lovely cafe the only thing left that I wanted to see was 'Three Chimneys' the house where the children lived. We had get back in the car and head out towards Oxenhope to find this. It was only a mile or so but we had to ask for directions and thanks to Mark's perseverence we eventually found the lane that led down to the house. I walked down here on my own. Mark wasn't that bothered about seeing it and I think he was secretly seething about the parking ticket.
The lane took me in the back way and at the bottom it became private property. I think if you did the circular walk you would be able to walk across a field at the front and get a better view. But I was happy. I'd seen the house with its 3 chimneys and that was the main thing.

I'd bought a little map from Oakworth Railway Station and next to the house there is marked the stile that Mr Perks got stuck in. This was the only one I could see so I'm assuming this was it. I couldn't get through it though as it was tied up.
 Back up the lane to the car and it was time to head home. I do like days out like this. A drive, a walk, a spot of lunch and a bit of sight-seeing.

And in case you didn't spot the mistake yesterday I typed 'diesel train' What was all that about! Steam train, it should have been steam train!



  1. oh what a gorgeous day out! I love it. And Rose & Co are one of my favourite places to buy violet scented goodies! Online though, not in person. The pub there, is that the one they investigated in Most Haunted once?

    Love the steep street. There is one in Rye, Kent very much like that, Bill actually drove up it and I don't mind telling you, I was totally pooing myself as he did so. He was trying to turn into the teeny tiny entrance to the pub there (The Mermaid, now that was investigated by MH, I'm a little bit into MH!), and it was right at the top, I had visions of us wheeling uncontrollably backwards screaming at the top of our lungs. We didn't. But you know, scared!
    Anyway, looking at your street photo just reminded me of Rye!

    Such beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing.

    p.s hot enough for you? I am NOT happy

    1. Aww Sadie, it's hot even for the sun worshippers so I feel your pain :)

      I've just quickly googled the pub, not sure if it was in MH but it's definitely been written about as one of the most haunted pubs. Apparently people wake up and see a pretty white-faced woman sat on their bed! The idea of spirits fascinates me but I've never watched MH although Mum is a big fan. Did you watch the drama 'The Enfield Haunting'?

      Rose & Co is lovely and I bought some foot salts. Lavender and peppermint. After walking up that hill my poor old feet were on fire. Have yet to find the time to sit still for 10 minutes though and soak my tootsies.

      I know exactly what you mean about steep streets and thinking you're going to roll back down them. I get the wobbles if I have to do a hill start lol. xx

  2. I'm loving your days out! Such a great idea to walk in the steps of characters from a favourite book or film. We did that with Don't Look Now whilst in Venice one winter. Bit scarier, though!

  3. I've just read a quick synopsis of the film and it sounds good although I'd have to watch it in daylight. I'm a bit of a nervy nellie about things like that. You holiday in such lovely places. There are loads of cities we would like to visit, we're just waiting for Amy and Thomas to grow up so we don't have to drag them around with us! xx

  4. It's years since I went to Haworth; we took the train to Oxenhope and walked back to the village so we must have got a really good view of Three Chimneys.

    1. The first time I went was back in 1978 when Kate Bush had a hit with Wuthering Heights. I've been a fair few times since then and I still love the place. Hebden Bridge is another favourite. And yes, if you walked across fields you more than likely saw Three Chimneys. xx

  5. I have not seem the movie but will look out for it especially now that I have "seen" the places it was filmed, with you. I really enjoy your posts about your trips out. Thank you!

  6. The Railway Children is just one of those lovely classic films that is so easy to watch. I hope you manage to find it. I'm glad you are enjoying the trips out. They're not always perfect (car park tickets spring to mind), but we do enjoy them. We try to get out once a week as often as we can but what with one thing and another, not least the British weather, it doesn't always happen. We've decreed Tuesday is 'tour day' at Number 38. xx