Wednesday, 8 July 2015

On the up

Well, Tom has done a complete turnaround since yesterday and seems to be on the up again. He rang at 9.15 this morning to say he was dressed and ready to go to Bury. He's getting a bit muddled up with times and days and what's happened when, but apart from that he seemed fine. Mark wheeled him around in his chair while he did a bit of shopping then we met up in our usual cafe where he ordered a full English with a coffee. It would be nice now if he had a few good days before the next dip.

I bought a new top from BHS for my brother's wedding. I had my lemon handbag in mind when I went shopping and thought this would match nicely. In my late teens I once bought an entire outfit including shoes to match a pair of brightly coloured plastic earrings off the market, so matching an outfit to a bag isn't so bad really! 
And I also bought one of these. Colouring books are obviously very much in vogue as there were loads in The Works and WHS. This is from the latter. It's quite small, about the size of a facecloth folded into quarters but it's got some lovely patterns inside and will be perfect for popping in my bag should any more bedside duties arise. 
Thomas has been to Hollingworth Lake today for his school trip. They did canoeing, kayaking and raft building. He was really excited about going this morning but I don't think he had that good a time. He slipped in the lake, fell and banged his knee on a rock. It does look a little bit swollen but I think his pride is hurt more than anything else. He also cut his finger on the canoe and he was cold. This is an old photo but the look pretty much sums up how he felt about the day. 

He's not known for his athleticism, although his thumbs are in pretty good shape from all the Xbox playing he does, so Lord knows how he'll get on when he goes away on his adventure weekend. We'll just have to cross that bridge when we come to it or maybe in Thomas' case fall off it.



  1. is it wrong that I'm laughing at The Face there?! ha ha! I'm mainly laughing because a) it sums up his mood perfectly and b) Violet is the same when it comes to PE type things. They've had to do it unexpectedly twice this week and the way she' moaned about it you'd think they'd done a 10 mile cross country run. She is NOT a sporty kid. Then I laugh, because she'll go onto her trampoline and do 100 'sitty uppies' (her phrase) in blistering sunshine, & come off sweating and red in the face!

    Saw your reply. Yes, Violet has met her new teacher. It's a bloke! Great Excitement about this as thus far it's all been females apart from a male TA. Her new classroom she describes as being a secret room, because it's quite dark. Lots of trees close by so it does have a bit of a hidden den in the allotments* feel to it. She's pleased. I'm pleased. Her currant teacher is a bit of an old bat and relishes her reputation as such, she hands out Red Lunches like sweeties for the tiniest thing, and when the kids don't sign up for Golden Time (fun things on a Thursday p.m), rather than consider not signing up as punishment enough, she makes them write 50 lines. I kid you not. If kids dare to need the loo in class time, they lose it from play time. That actually made me so irritated, kids need to go when they need to go, they can't schedule it in, and you can bet if she was told she could only go to the loo at certain times then she'd be quoting 'basic human rights' etc, so I find that particular rule all kinds of wrong. Having said that, Violet has enjoyed her year and at one point said she'd miss her teacher! Next time she got shouted at for 'staring at the table' and 'not sitting on the chair properly' (!) I reminded her about missing her teacher. Ha!

    Glad Tom has had a better day. Yes, lets hope that continues.

    Nothing wrong at all about matching a top to a handbag. Whenever I buy ANYTHING my first consideration is the shoes it'll go with. The top looks pretty, nice lightweight fabric by the looks of things too.


    1. This is my 2nd reply to your comment. No idea where the first went that I thought I'd posted this morning. Glad to hear Violet likes her new teacher. There should be more men in primary school in my opinion. Thomas only had one in his last school and he was great. The boys in particular loved him and when he set up a football team he was elevated to hero status lol.

      There was also a teacher who sounds a lot like the one Violet has now. The bursar once asked her why she'd chosen teaching as a career and she replied "because my mother never told me what a c**p job it was". And this is someone who is supposed to inspire and motivate your child for 6 hours every day.

      I've come across a few teachers who really don't seem to like the job and I'm not talking about all the rules and regulations and paperwork, I mean the actual core business of teaching children.

      Thankfully so far in his new school Thomas has had 2 lovely teachers. We took him out of his last school and it was the best thing we ever did for him. When a child is frightened of going to school because of a teacher something is seriously wrong. But that's another long story and one I'd prefer to forget in all honestly.

      It's Thomas' sports day tomorrow. He's in the 3 legged race so goodness knows how that will go. No doubt I will be posting the traumas of it all tomorrow lol :) xx

  2. forgot.
    The * regarding the allotments comment is because that's how I used to spend my summer hols at Violet's age. I'd sneak over to the allotments behind my mum & dads house, do a spot of scrumping of peas and fruit, then hide myself in a little den in the bushes. Good times! I'd go berserk at Violet though, if she did any of that!!! #hypocrite

    1. Haha. That sounds a good way to spend summer hols. I remember one of the things we got in trouble for was regarding a kitten. There was an old lady who lived down the street from us whose cat had kittens and word got round she was giving them away. A group of us knocked on her door and asked for one which she happily handed over. None of us could have been over 9. We kept it in my neighbours garage for a couple of days until our clubbed together pocket money ran out and we couldn't afford to feed it. Some parent found out and we were all made to go and hand it back to her. Thankfully, she just took it off us. Fun times. xx

  3. Sadie, those teachers you describe make MY BLOOD BOIL! They give schools a bad name. Grrrrr. I was equally allergic to PE Etc back then. I don't have an adventurous bone in my body!