Friday, 3 July 2015

It's hard knowing what to say

It was the 'green to be seen' fundraiser at Thomas' school today. I got a text inviting me to assembly this afternoon because he'd won a class award. It was for his pyramid project. Go Mum! He hates it when he has to go up on stage which is why he's not smiling, bless him. 

He also brought home a letter saying he's one of six children from his class who have been invited to the end of year awards ceremony next Tuesday. Every teacher has to choose 6 children and the ceremony is held in the evening and is by invitation only. It's a big event for the pupils and we're really looking forward to it. Might have to do a few smiling lessons before we go.
Amy has finished her work experience week at the cats home. She's really enjoyed it and thankfully seems able to separate business from pleasure; I'm pleased to report there are no new additions to Number 38's household.

I've managed to make some jigsaw people over the past couple of days. I'm going to have to get a bigger board as I'm finding it hard to work in different pieces. I spent ages looking for a piece only to realise I'd already used it in a part I've already done.
And I know I've already done a strawberry shot this week but just look how these have come on in the past couple of days. I'm going to get Thomas to pick them for me tomorrow. 
We went to see Tom this morning. He's not been too good over the past couple of days. He was awake all Tuesday night coughing up blood and told me he thought he was on his way out. It's really hard knowing what to say to that. Trying to balance understanding of how frightened he must feel with a 'there's plenty of life left in you yet' positiveness can be tough. Anyway, the blood thing seems to have stopped but he's struggling with his breathing. He usually comes out with us in the week but apart from going to the dining room hasn't moved from his room since his party last Saturday. 

I will say this, the care he's getting is absolutely brilliant. He really couldn't be in a better place. I'm just praying that over the coming months any side effects of the cancer don't become too traumatic for him. 



  1. the seriousness of that face! Aw, it's not fun though if you don't like having to go up and stand in front of the school.

    strawbs are looking good!

    Yes, we did get the storm in the early hours, with a dash of rain, so you know I was happy. The smell of the air was just how I remember the smell of Greece when we went outside this morning. Have officially had enough of summer now though. Trying not to wish time away, but the autumn breeze and falling leaves are constantly on my mind.

    Poor Tom. I can imagine how scared he must be when things like coughing up blood start up. My MIL has done another of her tumbling acts. Cut her leg, had some stitches put on (think they were the ones like strong plasters rather than trad ones), peeled them off, and given herself an infection. Doesn't seem to care that it makes a whole lot of extra work for others to have to sort out for her. She's still in her own home, and has people in every night to sleep over and make sure she takes all her meds & just keep an eye on her. So she's lucky. But if she wants to carry on living in her own home, she needs to stop rushing about and having falls, and definitely not open her leg up to infection!! She just doesn't want to listen though.

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Can smell a lot of BBQ's in the air tonight, we Brits are a predictable lot!

    1. I know how he feels. I hate being the centre of attention, even as part of a group.

      What on earth where you doing in Greece? It must have nearly killed you lol. I've only been once. Never again. Far too hot for me and the mosquitos had a field day on my legs. I was that badly bitten I had to have 3 days off work and a course of antibiotics when I got home.

      So sorry to hear about your MIL. Hope her leg heals. Their independence can get them into a lot of trouble can't it. Joan has a nasty habit of picking at the back of her hands and her arms. She's covered in scabs. She doesn't know she's doing it though. That's interesting that she's still in her home with people in every night to look after her. We couldn't find anything like that for Joan. Mind you she needed personal care as well.

      No need to tell you that no BBQ's have taken place at Number 38 :)

      Hope you've all had a good weekend. xx

  2. so glad that Tom is in a good place where he'll get the care he needs x

  3. We feel really lucky that he's in such a lovely home. The fact that he's still got all his lemon drops means that we had to be sure it was spot on as he's still very much aware of his surroundings. I think somebody was looking down on us when we found the home. It really couldn't be any better. xx