Thursday, 2 July 2015

It's been a busy day

After dropping Thomas off at school it was straight on to do the weekly shop. When the lady on the till spotted us she said "I've been waiting for you, I've got some vouchers you can have". She then handed me 2 £5 vouchers which meant I got £10 off my shopping. I don't know whether we missed the offer or whether it was a staff thing but as well as being surprised at being given them, I was also surprised she knew that we go in every Thursday morning and that she was watching out for us. It felt a little bit like being regulars at the old fashioned corner shop.
Back home there was just enough time to put everything away before Mum had to be picked up. She's gone to my sisters for a couple of days then on Saturday they're off to Dorset for a week. Before we could take her to the station we had to drop Sparky off for his poodling session. Not before time either. I rang 4 weeks ago and the first available date was today. I won't take him anywhere else because he's very nervous and can also be a bit nippy but the staff at Pets at Home are used to him and vice versa. This time I made sure I booked his next appointment while I was there.
Then it was on to Piccadilly station to make sure Mum got safely on the train for the first leg of her holiday. It's a far cry from Oakworth and even though you can get anything from a newspaper to sushi while you're waiting here, I know which station I prefer.
Back home for a quick bite to eat then out again to pick up Sparky who was now looking much more like a dog than a teddy bear.
Then it was time to pick Thomas up from school. Home for a quick bath, maths homework and a bit of X-box before taking him across the road to his friends 10th birthday party. They had a BBQ and then they played football and basketball on the grass outside. A good old fashioned party - you can't beat them. Here he is all excited and ready to go.
Final and most stressful job of the day was a trip to Bury to do some shopping with Amy for her holiday. She managed to get t-shirts, shorts and dresses and I think she just needs some bikinis now. 
No visit to Mums tonight as she's not here so as I was not on designated driver duties I joined Mark in a glass of his Thursday night vino. And after all the running around today I certainly felt like it was well deserved, along with the takeaway pizza we indulged in.



  1. that sounds like the perfect ending to a busy day! You are a busy woman.

    How nice of the checkout lady to give you the vouchers. I have such coupon envy with the USA, we just don't have them here do we? Not to that extent. I love to watch Extreme Couponing!
    I digress. It's nice when you get a bit of rapport with the supermarket staff. I have a few that I always go to and have a chat to in Asda. Makes shopping much nicer.
    I've been doing my shopping online lately, just been easier for various reasons, plus Waitrose sent me some juicy money off vouchers .. don't mind if I do!

    Good old Primark. Got to love 'em. Bargainstastic!

    Totally agree with you about the trad bd parties. They are few and far between nowadays. Not surprised Thomas looks so excited! The last time we held a 'home' party for Violet was two years ago, you can see pics from here if you copy & paste this link (from my old blog)
    She still talks about it and says it was her favourite bd party. Am pondering doing something similar (but smaller!) next year, haven't mentioned it to her yet though.

    God, that Pizza looks good.

    Have a lovely day. Are you bracing yourself for the weather tomorrow? Ick. Not happy about it. But have a jumbo paddling pool going up today!

    1. Hi Sadie. It is nice to have a chat with people when you're out and about and there are a few shops in Middleton where they are happy to speak to you. I watch Extreme Couponing too although I always think there's only so much fabric conditioner and cat food a household needs!

      Amy does love her Primarni outings. We got a bagful of clothes for £65, it's perfect for teenagers.

      I love a good old fashioned birthday party, I'll have a look at Violets after I've typed this. Don't mention jumbo paddling pools to Thomas. He still occasionally asks when his swimming pool is arriving. I daren't put out his pool for fear of reminding him about it lol.

      Did you get the thunder and ligtening storm where you are? It was fantastic here. Lit up the whole sky and proper text book lightening bolts as well. I will wish for a teeny weeny bit of rain just for you - but not too much! Have a great weekend. xx

    2. Forgot to say Violet's birthday party looked fabulous. Just my cup of tea - I'd have loved something like that, still would actually. I've sent Mark out for McDonalds before, fairly regularly actually, the kids like it and it's a party so don't see a problem with that. I do like to make cakes but if I didn't I wouldn't think twice about buying one either. Trouble with these fab parties is they're a hard act to follow aren't they :) xx

  2. Sounds like a successful day all round. Bet Sparky feels much cooler now (in both senses of the word!).

  3. Haha, yes indeed. And so do I. Every time I looked at him I came over all hot and bothered on his behalf. I do like his teddy bear look but it's really not fair on him especially in this weather. He can also see where he's going now which is a bonus lol. xx