Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Bumble bees!

We went to see Tom again mid-morning and found him still in bed which is very unusual for him. But, on the plus side he looked a lot better than he did yesterday and a little bit of his old feisty self shone through a couple of times. The Doctor has put him on oxygen as his levels are low and they're crushing his tablets now so he can get them down easier.

I know it sounds awful but he's making us laugh with the random things he's started to come out with. Today we were having a perfectly normal conversation when he suddenly tranced off for a couple of minutes then said, "the trouble is they all look like bumble bees in Middleton". I'd love to know what train of thought he was on there.

It was Thomas' awards evening tonight. We had a little chat about smiling when he went on stage and he stepped up to the bar and performed well!
In honour of the occasion and to do something nice for myself I painted my toenails. I needn't have bothered as it poured down and I had to wear boots.
And today, 10 years on from that terrible day in London, I've been reminded that no matter how rubbish things are at the moment there are families who lost loved ones before they should have done for no reason at all.
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  1. I think you have to find the humour when things are tricky. If not, you'd just cry! My MIL gets repetitive, she'll ask Violet 'how many children are in your class' then ask her again in a few minutes. Violet will look at me as if to say 'she's off mum' and I have to try not to laugh. Then it's 'when's your birthday?' 'do you go to dance classes?' 'do you have lots of parties to go to'. All on a loop. It's either get annoyed, cry, or just laugh it off. Not so funny is when she asks Bill where Johnny is. My FIL has been dead for 8 years, so that's really sad when she asks that.
    She's not ill, she's just 90 and her memory has good moments and bad moments.

    Glad all went well with the awards. Has Thomas had his Meet Your New Teacher day yet? Can't believe it's almost the end of another school year. It's gone so fast.

    Painting your toot nails & then having to wear boots has given me such a laugh today! Sort of thing that happens to me!

    1. Joan is terrible for repeating herself. She only asks where people are though. So all she really says is Where's Amy/Thomas/Suzanne/Mark/Tom depending on who's missing. Then she'll have a sweet and we start all over again. You're right, you just have to go with the flow but it's really boring answering the same questions so I sympathise with Violet. That's really sad that she asks where her husband is. The realisation that he's dead must be awful. That's one bridge we don't relish crossing if Tom goes first, how/if we tell Joan.

      There are 2 classes in each year at Thomas' school and they split English and Maths lessons according to ability. He's in top class for both so has his own teacher for English and the other teacher for Maths. This year the Maths teacher is moving into Year 5 and he'll be in her class. I'm really happy about this. It can take him a few weeks to settle with a new teacher but she'll know everything about him already. How about Violet? Has she met her new teacher and what's the verdict? They really go to a lot of effort to try to make things as smooth as possible for them these days don't they.

      I was a little miffed about the toenails especially as I don't paint them very often. Ah well, that's life. xx