Thursday, 9 July 2015

Builders Butties

Matthew turned up today to replace the piece of wood on the decking that my foot went through. I'd made chicken curry for tea which I had to be eke out carefully as he arrived just as we were about to eat and I couldn't leave him out. Plus Amy had also asked at the last minute if adopted daughter could stay for tea. The nan bread and poppadoms went some way to padding the meal out, but Matthew has a good appetite and ended up making curry and rice butties! It reminded me of the days when Mark would eat a huge roast dinner with a pile of bread and butter on the side.
I've done some colouring and am quite surprised at how long it takes. Amy very kindly donated a nearly new pack of staedtler colour pencils for my new hobby which are lovely to use. The pink parasol is my favourite.
Tom wasn't having such a good day today. He was still in his PJ's and on his oxygen when we popped up for half an hour this afternoon. He's also getting angry about the situation which is understandable. The nurse told Mark they tried to put him to bed last night but he went into a panic so once again he's spent most of the night in his chair.

Friday is 'coffee and a bit of shopping in Middleton' day, so we'll see whether he feels up to coming out or not tomorrow. 



  1. My dad would always have bread with his tea! Not any more. His heart attack put paid to that! He tries to eat more sensibly these days ... But back then he was working a hard manual job 12 hours a day. He was as thin as a rake!

  2. These hearts are a pain in the a** at times aren't they! Mark sounds like your Dad, could eat like a horse plus some but able to work it off and as fit as a fiddle. How long ago did your Dad have his HA? Hope he's recovering/recovered well. xx