Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Back 'Home'

A little bit of good news. Tom is out of hospital and back at the home. His morphine has been upped and he seems to be a bit more comfortable plus the general atmosphere is much better than it was in hospital. 

The down side is that whatever he eats and drinks is going into his lungs and we've been warned he might end up back in hospital with pneumonia which none of us want. 

When he went into hospital 11 days ago he weighed just over 11 stones. Today he weighs 9 stones 1 lb so the weight loss has been quite drastic over the past fortnight.

He's awake quite a lot but drifts in and out of lucidness. He's a bugger though and always has a job or two for us to do, today's tasks being to take him his walking stick so he can go for a walk and his razor so he can have a shave. Considering he's been in bed for nearly 2 weeks I'm not sure that will be happening just yet.  

He told us last night that even though he has a sleeping tablet it doesn't work because in the night he's keeps jumping up and down on the bed and disturbing people. Bless him. 

Anyway, other snippets of news from Number 38.....

The diet has gone to pot, not that much headway has been made for a few weeks anyway. The best I'm doing at the moment is trying to eat healthily but to be honest not much thought is going into food. Mum bought me these peaches though which smell and taste delicious.
Amy went to Bulgaria on Monday with adopted daughter and family. She face times me every day so the 'missing Amy' pangs are being kept at bay. She was a little over on baggage allowance at the last minute so she ditched one pair of flips flops, 2 books, a huge bottle of perfume, a skirt and a big black jumper?! 
Me, Mum and Thomas will be on our way to my brother's wedding on Friday. It's just a quick one night stop over but I'm really looking forward to catching up with the family and I think a little break will do me good, even if I say so myself. 
Because Tom has been in hospital and we've been mostly keeping to visiting hours rather than spending all day with him, we've been able to do a couple of jobs. We've chosen a bathroom suite and found ourselves a plumber and the job starts next week. We've probably got more than enough on our plate but the bathroom is in dire need and at least Amy won't be here which as anybody who has a teenage daughter knows, is a definite bonus. I can't possibly show you the whole bathroom as much as I know you'd all probably like to see my grimy corners, but here's a flavour of how desperate we are for a new one. I can't complain too much though as it's served us well over the past 17 years. 
To kill a bit of time while waiting for visiting hours, we've also been looking at caravans. Here's Thomas sat in the cafe eating his packed lunch while Mark was discussing the benefits of inflatable awnings with the salesman.
And Tom asked us to order this for him just before he went into hospital. He likes brass bands and I think Pete Postlethwaite was a brilliant actor so if he feels up to it I'll sit with him one afternoon and watch it with him.

And that, I think is all that's really happened over the last few days.

If you are on your summer hols I hope you're enjoying yourselves. If not, then I hope at least the sun is shining where you are.



  1. So glad to hear that Tom was able to leave the hospital and return to the home where his care will be better and it is easier for you to spend time with him. A break is just what you need especially one that includes a joyous occasion like a wedding!! Have a wonderful time.
    A travel trailer, as we call them here in the states, can be such a lot of fun.
    We are finally having a spell of "normal" weather the rest of this week. Dry, sunny and in the 90's(32C+)

    1. Gosh in the 90's would be classed as a heatwave here and warnings would be being given out about applying sun lotion, keeping in the shade and drinking plenty of water! It is much nicer and definitely easier visiting Tom at the home. Just hope he can stay there. xx

  2. I'm glad Tom is back in the home. Let's hope things settled down for him now. And you.
    those peaches look so good. I've get a recipe I'm dying to try out, for peaches in pink syrup (basically peaches poached in Rosé wine and decorated with pistachio nuts. Looks so pretty in the photo I have to try it.
    Ooh, I love a good wedding. Have a super time.
    Not only was PP a good actor, but he had a pair of killer cheekbones to die for!

    Good to read your post. School hols start today, hurrah!

    1. Violet has broken up nearly a week later than Thomas. Are you going away anywhere? The only thing we have planned is a vsit to Chester Zoo to have a look at the new islands.

      Did you notice like Liz that the peaches are actually nectarines lol. The recipe sounds delicious, you should definitely give it a go.

      So looking forward to the wedding and the chance to see everybody again. xx

  3. Hello , sounds like you e really been through it. I'm just bloggy catching up. I lived in a big black jumper as a teen, I would NOT have left it behind! My HG is yearning for one of those fancy pants airstream caravans! He'll have to yearn mind, we're brassic lol

    1. I really did love our caravan holidays. The trouble we're having is finding the right layout that will work for us but I'm sure we'll get there. We couldn't use it yet anyway, the way Tom is.

      That black jumper is just like a comfort blanket. She's constantly got in on in the house. I'm surprised it was taken out of the case.

      Hope you enjoy your summer hols. xx

  4. Hope Tom has a bit of stability now he's back at the home. I remember watching Brassed Off with my dad when he was in his care home but we had to switch it off as it had us weeping buckets! I'm sure all the upheaval in the bathroom will be well worth it. By the way, are those peaches not nectarines?

    1. Haha yes those peaches are indeed nectarines. My excuse is I'd just blended some tinned peaches to try and tempt Tom to eat something, but in all honestly my brain is frazzled at the moment.

      My mantra for the bathroom is going to be you can't make an omelette without cracking a few eggs.

      I took the DVD up today but Tom didn't want to watch it. He asks for things all the time then loses interest when we produce them lol. xx

  5. I'm glad Tom is back at home, and that you're getting a day away at least. Good luck with the bathroom! I hate having work on the house done!