Friday, 17 July 2015

A quick catch up

Firstly, thank you for all your comments about Tom they really are very much appreciated.  

He's still in hospital and after having a chest x-ray and an echo scan he now has a drain in to take the fluid off his lungs and around his heart. The drain was put in yesterday afternoon and when we visited last night 2700 mls of fluid had already drained off. There is talk that if this makes him feel better he may be allowed back to the nursing home sometime next week. 

As far as we're concerned the sooner he gets back there the better. It means that we can visit him whenever we want and I'll try not to focus too much on the fact that since being in hospital they didn't give him his oramorph for 2 days, they've mixed up his other tablets, they've got his address as a flat in Rusholme (he's never lived in the place), and they've put a name tag on his wrist that should have gone on the bloke in the bed opposite him.

His bed sore is really painful and when I asked the Sister last night if he could get up and sit in the chair she looked at me and said "but he can't walk, he's bed bound". So since he's been in hospital they've all been under the impression he can't move!

Anyway, in a bid to de-focus from all we've been dealing with this week I have taken the odd picture here and there of things that have made me feel a bit more cheerful.

When I went to pick up a bottle of vimto for Tom, I saw these and just had to have them. I've never bought sunflowers before and when I picked them up I was surprised how heavy they are.
Thomas and Amy have finished school for the summer holidays. Thomas took presents and thank you cards in for his teachers. He's had another good year and seems to be coming on in leaps and bounds in all areas.
No Bury with Tom, but he wanted an apple pie from the market so we dutifully went and bought him one and Mark treated me to this book. It's not without its controversy but my biggest feeling at the moment is one of shock and I've only read to the end of the first chapter. I won't say why in case anybody is thinking of buying it.

We've had the new windows installed in the bathroom and Amy and Thomas' rooms. I've come to the conclusion that I'm definitely ageist. I always breathe a sigh of relief when any workman that turns up at Number 38 is over 50. The brickie who did this was about 60 and has done a great job. 
I will be back next week with more of what's happening, it's nice to have people to 'talk to' at the moment.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.



  1. Sunflowers are such happy flowers. They are heavy from all the seeds. One of my favorite sites is fields and fields of sunflowers with their faces to the sun. We have seen them in Nebraska, South Dakota and Kansas. Just glorious!
    So nice to hear that Tom is getting some treatment that is helping him breathe easier. So wish he had better care otherwise though. He is lucky he has family to be there often to advocate for him.
    Hang in there and have a good weekend

  2. Hi Candace. The sunflowers cheer me up every time I look at them. We went to France last year and there were fields and fields of them. Absolutely gorgeous.

    Tom seems much more comfortable since the drain went in. I've no idea why things take ages in hospital though. The reason he was admitted on Saturday was because they suspected fluid on his lungs and around his heart yet it's taken until Thursday for them to insert the drain.

    He's been transferred to another ward today and fingers crossed they actually seem to know what they are doing and are showing an interest in helping him. Sadly it's not the case on every ward. xx

  3. Love those sunflowers! There's one growing in a pot (alongside a hydrangea) here but I certainly didn't plant it. I've read some reviews of the book and think I probably won't buy a copy (I'm more than a little in love with the original Atticus) but very interested to hear how you get on with it. Sending best wishes to Tom.

    1. It took me a while to decide whether I wanted the book or not. Half of me thinks it shouldn't have been published because I want to remember the characters as they were, the other half is just plain old nosy and wants to see whether it's any good or not. I've still not made it past chapter one what with one thing and another that's going on at the moment. Thank you for your comments about Tom, he's still in hospital and seems to be slowly giving up. xx

  4. So nice when a workman does a good job isn't it? What a relief that the job is done and done well. I've not read the book but have seen some of the reviews, I will be interested to know how you find it.
    I'm glad Tom is getting the attention he needs at last, will you bring the shortcomings to someone's attention, maybe PALS ( Patient Liaison)? Difficult I know, I did it once, because I didn't want any one else to go through the same thing, my GP actually told me I must, when I did I found the people at PALs at the hospital were very, very nice and I think steps were taken so that it wouldn't happen again. That was a relief to me.
    Love the sunflowers, they are very cheery and do bring a smile. Thinking of you, Vee x

    1. Hi Vee. I'm sorry to hear you've had cause to contact PALS but glad that you found them helpful. After the catalogue of errors last week we did discuss it but to be honest we just don't have the energy to do anything at the moment. Our priority is focusing on Tom but maybe later on we will send a letter because the staff really shouldn't be getting basic things wrong that leave the patient in a distressed or uncomfortable state.

      You are right, It is a relief when a job goes well. I hate having anything done lately in case there is a problem that needs sorting out but thankfully the windows went without a hitch.

      The sunflowers are lovely but very very thirsty! xx

  5. I do hope Tom can go back to the home this week. He has been through it lately, as have you.

    Sunflowers are so jolly aren't they? And yes, they weigh a ton! But they last pretty well too.

    Actually, I'm with you with the Gut Feeling aspect of having builders/workmen in. when the chap came to put in our wooden floors I was totally fine, trusted him completely. He was in his 30's, very focused and each time got the job done in a couple of days with no problems.

    Then there was the bloke who did the tiling in our downstairs loo. Bill found him on Rated people. com, he came round to look at the job of an evening, but I was upstairs getting Violet sorted for bed. I could hear them talking, but didn't actually see or meet him.
    So when he turned up my first sight was when he came up the garden path, and I swear to God I said aloud 'oh my God, what have I been saddled with here?'. Just something about his look that made me think 'no'.
    During the day and various conversations, the feeling did not change. At one point he boasted to me about all he'd had done in his home, I said 'and of course you did the tiling yourself!' to which he replied 'no, I got someone I know to do it for me'. Eh? My dad was a plasterer and tiler by trade. I would have got him to do the tiling had it not been for the fact he was about to have knee replacement surgery and couldn't do it. All my life, my dad has done all the plastering and tiling when needed. Seemed odd to me that someone supposedly capable of doing it, chose to PAY someone else to do it.
    I just wanted him out of my home. When he announced the job done and he'd be back the following day to do the grouting my heart sank. I could see the errors, but apparently, he was really pleased with what he'd done. I got rid of him, went back to look to see if I was wrong or not, but no. There were huge errors. When Bill came home and looked he seemed pleased, so again I thought it was just me. So I asked him to look again and tell me if he thought it was ok. Then he saw the mistakes and was furious. Asked why I hadn't pointed it out to the bloke. I said ooh, well, this was a stranger in our home, found on the bleedin' INTERNET, and I was home alone with him. Really didn't feel like challenging him about his work on my own. We knew nothing about this bloke, but I knew he hadn't done his own tiling!!

    ended up with Bill phoning him and telling him he wasn't happy and not to come back to finish the job. We had to ping up the mistakes and redo ourselves.
    Wish I'd met him that first night, I feel certain my radar would have gone off and we'd have found a better person.
    I blogged about it at the time.

    So yes, totally with you. An older builder is usually the better builder.


    1. Oh no, that sounds like exactly the sort of experience that would send me under at the moment. The trouble is a lot of people 'talk' a good job and genuinely seem pleased with what they do even thought it's c**p.

      We had the front part of our garage converted years ago and the builder did a fantastic job of the whole thing including the electrics and plastering so we asked him to do a quick electrical job in our dining room. For some reason he let his labourer have a go at the plastering and it was a right mess. Not that I knew. I mean I could see it was rough but they told me it would just need sanding down when it dried but when Mark came in from work he pretty much said 'bloody hell you'd need an industrial sander to get that sorted out". We ended up sticking a thin piece of wood over it and it's still on the 'jobs to do list' years later lol.

      I'm not sure if Tom will get back to the home this week. He seems to have given up and keeps asking us to take him to Switzerland so he can die :( They are very hard visits sometimes. But the ward he is on now is much better than the last one so that's a small blessing. xx