Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Wedding Anniversary

Another Wednesday, another weight loss update.

It's our wedding anniversary today. We've been married for 20 years. For anybody who's wondering 20 years is china, in both modern and traditional meanings. 

Anniversaries are very hit and miss at Number 38 and today was another miss which doesn't bother either of us in the slightest. It's one of those days along with Valentines that we've never really got wrapped up in. In fact our standing joke is we only stay married because if one of us were to divorce the other it would make that person far too happy!

Here we are on our wedding day. Even though the photo is framed we don't have it on display. When Thomas saw it he said "Mum are you remembering when you were thin?" 
I've also got a wedding box, well actually its a brown shoe box, but you know what I mean. Occasionally I'll stumble across it when I'm looking for something and spend half an hour going down memory lane. 

As well as cards, cake decorations, speeches etc, there's my garter, the flowers I wore in my hair, my wedding ring and a letter Dad wrote to be read out at the reception. 
My wedding ring was made from my Grandad's ring which I had melted down and re-designed. Sadly it's never fitted me since having Thomas. I just wear a plain gold band from a High Street jewellers these days. The letter was written by my Dad when he knew he wouldn't be at our wedding. The ring and the letter are the most important things from the day. The letter might be in the photo but I haven't read it because it makes me cry. In fact I think I've only ever read it three or four times. Maybe I should rectify that in the not too distant future. 

But not today. 



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    1. It all only seems like yesterday and I can remember Dad writing the letter. My Uncle walked me down the aisle and as well as giving his speech it was him who read Dad's letter out. It was a really emotional moment for us all. xx

  2. Happy Anniversary! Oh, kids, don't they just say the sweetest things? Violet looked at the wedding pic in the den and said with total shock 'oh mum, you look so young'. Yeah, cheers for that!!

    You should have your pic on display, it's gorgeous. And I love all your memory stuff. 20 years, that's worth celebrating, though Bill and I are the same, we don't do anything special on our anniversary (December 9th). Normally a bottle of champs by the Christmas tree and that's it.

    When I was sorting the garage recently, I found my box of Wedding Crap. the Martha stewart organiser thing, Bill's rose - perfectly preserved - favour boxes, spare invites, the menu from the day and a copy of The Times from that day. Like you, I spent time going through it all, enjoying the memories. We will celebrate 11 years in December. And I still quite like him, so that's good!

    Sorry for Amy's friend going through all that she's been through, does not sound fun :o(

    And yes, you are spot on about the 'proper chips'. So hard to find. But if you ever visit East Anglia, particularly the Ipswich area, then make sure you visit the Sorrell Horse. They do their own chips and they are lush! We all love this pub. Bill and I for the food, Violet for the play area outside!

    I've waffled enough. Have a glorious day, and enjoy your Anniversary celebrations! x

    1. Yes, kids: you can definitely rely on them for the truth, especially Thomas. I'm OK behind the camera but don't like photos of myself on display so although it might get put out for a couple of days that's about as long as it would last.

      I love going through boxes when I find them. I have Amy and Thomas' coming home outfits from the hospital etc. and It's lovely working through it all and rememberingl. Sometimes it's with yearning for it all to come back, other times I'm just relieved that that part is over!

      11 years is a long time and still liking him is a pretty good bonus. There are days when I could cheerfully strangle Mark but I suppose he feels the same about me.

      I think there should be a petition to bring back 'proper chips' you can't beat them. Might make that my mission for 2016:) xx

  3. Happy Anniversary x I too keep memory boxes full of stuff I daren't open for sadness but I love that I have them x

    1. Thanks Rachel. I know exactly what you mean. There's no way I could part with any of what's in my 'special box'. That's one area of my life where Kon-doing couldn't take place. Mind you, I won't put any sentimentality about it onto the kids. The meanings and emotions belong to me and aren't for them to carry around. They're going to be told to feel free to throw it all away. xx

    2. I'm requesting my memory boxes go in my final box with me x

  4. Happy Anniversary! 20 years is a milestone. We have twice that many and we still like each other so I guess it is working. :) How special to have the letter from your Dad. I don't think I would be able to read it very often either, brings a lump to my throat just thinking about it.
    Kids say the funniest things don't they?

  5. Wow Candace, 40 years is something to shout about. That's Ruby in the UK. Do anniversaries have the same meanings in the USA? The letter is back in the 'wedding box' already, once again un-read. Just looking at the word 'wedding' that Dad wrote is enough to set me off. Kids do say the funniest things and Thomas certainly has it down to a fine art! xx

  6. happy anniversary. you look lovely in that photo, I think you should have it on display too x we'll have been married for 20 years in January, the children laugh at the photos as J has hair !

    1. Thanks Tess. I wonder if your 20 years has gone as quickly as mine? Hair is always a talking point in photos isn't it. Mark still has plenty of it but he cuts it to the bone now because he's so grey. xx