Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Visiting Aunty

After dropping Thomas off at school and coming home to do a quick tidy round we went to see Aunty Edith. We've been meaning to go for weeks but what with one thing and another haven't quite got around to it. At 92 years old she is still going strong both physically and mentally, although she's a bit deaf now. As usual we took her favourite chocolates for her to enjoy. And as usual she put them straight in her sideboard to save for herself. 
From Aunty's house Mark took me to Marple for lunch. After doing a quick google last night we headed for the Ring o' Bells pub. The food was delicious and got a 10/10 from me purely because they made proper chips. Have you any idea how hard it is to find proper chips these days. 

On the way home I stopped at my friends to drop off some flowers for her and a magazine, chocolates and card for her daughter. They've both been stuck in hospital since Friday morning as daughter was rushed in with suspected appendicitis. After 4 days of blood tests, nil by mouth, scans and lots of tears, they finally allowed her home last night. She's managed to keep hold of her appendix but has got a bladder infection and cyst on her ovary. She's only 15 and her and Amy were best friends throughout primary and for a couple of years at secondary until they drifted apart. 

We're due a night out with another friend and we've all been through it lately with family and one thing or another. I don't know about a bottle of wine I think when the 3 of us get together we could do with being locked in the wine cellar.



  1. You can make room for me in that wine cellar!

  2. Your one liners make me laugh out loud. We've all got that much to get off our chests that I think I might have to instigate a rule of 'only talk if you're the one holding the wine bottle'. Feel free to join us, the more the merrier :) xx

  3. what are proper chips? I know chips are called french fries here in the US but what make a proper chip?

  4. Hi Candace. Well to me proper chips aren't french fries, or oven chips, or potatoes of any sort that are bought pre-chipped, frozen or micro-waved. They're made from potatoes that are peeled, chipped, rinsed and then deep fried straight away. They are brown on the outside and soft on the inside. They are deep fried in 'healthy' oil these days but in the good old days lard was used. xx If anybody else can describe a proper chip better than me please do :) xx