Sunday, 7 June 2015

Up with the lark..and feeling 'perky'

.. well I was up by 7.15am which is early for me. By 8.30 the ham was in the slow cooker, the veg had been prepped, I'd showered, dressed, slapped a bit of tutti on and was ready to face the day. I'd even spent a quiet 10 minutes with a brew doing the jigsaw. There's no easy way of doing the sky apart from working through the pieces and hoping one will fit sooner rather than later. A bit tedious but I'll get there in the end.
Adopted daughter slept over again last night. Both girls have spent most of the day in their onesies, eating chocolate and watching TV. It's like having two over-sized teddy bears in the house.
After lunch we went to see Tom. He'd been on a drip and looked a bit better. He had more colour in his cheeks and didn't seem as breathless. 

We'd only been there 5 minutes when the Doctor came to talk to us about whether they/Tom/we thought he should be resuscitated if anything happened to him. The conversation took us a bit by surprise but we tend to forget he had a triple heart bypass 5 years ago. Since coming home we've discussed that as you don't generally drop dead from cancer whether they've discovered a problem with his heart. We'll ask tomorrow when we go.

Anyway, Tom said no to resuscitation then went on to announce that he's going to ask the consultant for chemotherapy because, and I quote "it might make me feel a bit more perky". I've known 4 people who've had chemotherapy and perky certainly isn't a word I'd associate with the treatment. 

As Mum says though, sometimes ignorance is bliss! Bless him. 



  1. My ma in law off for open heart surgery on Tuesday.
    Poor Tom and poor you xxxx words are pretty useless.

    I miss my various adopted daughters. Warning though - when they get bigger, they still act as if they are 8uears old and will eat you out of house and home faster than a cloud of locusts! Start stocking up now!

    1. I really hope everything goes well for your m-i-l Rachel. Tom was 79 when he had his surgery and bounced back really quickly and there was a massive improvement in his quality of life pretty much straight away. Oh yes, I know all about eating me out of house and home. The thing is I now find myself also catering for adopted daughter's 'favourites' when we go shopping. I'm going to enjoy it all while it lasts though. They're both planning on leaving home and getting a flat together when they're 18! xx

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  2. Replies
    1. They did look pretty cute what with their hoods and ears and bobble tails. They sat like that eating Sunday lunch with us. Really I should lay down some dress code rules, but sometimes life is just too short lol xx

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  3. choccy scoffing teddy bears - I see I will have that to look forward to too!

    Good going with being up early. I'm not telling you my idea of early, you might thump me! But I love to get up early and get on with things. You really do seem to get so much done don't you?

    Cracking on with the jigsaw, next time you show it it'll be finished!

  4. Haha, yes you've got it all to come. From some of your posts and comments I can see you are an early riser just like Mark. I wish I was better at getting up, it 's a lovely time of day and you are dead right, you can get twice as much done in half the time. xx