Saturday, 13 June 2015

Summer Fair & Settling In

It was Thomas' school fair today and once again the highlight of the event was throwing wet sponges at the Head Teacher. This year they also had donkeys, a bungee pull and fish and chips. It was nearly as good as Lytham. We came away with a nice little stash of prizes; some down to luck but the sweets and one bar of chocolate were purely down to Thomas' nerf gun skills and his ability to shoot ping pong balls off cones.  
Before we went he decided to do some housework to earn some spending money. He did a pretty good job sweeping and steam cleaning the floors but I wasn't overly impressed with his toilet cleaning as he used my flannel! 
Mark's Dad seems to have settled into the home already. By 10am this morning he'd asked for his clothes and TV to be taken up and told Mark to sell the house! I think what clinched it was being able to walk to the dining room for breakfast where he was served bacon, sausage, tomato, toast and a brew.  I took Amy up to visit this afternoon and this is the view from his bedroom window. When Mark was waiting for him to arrive last night the residents were sat outside with the parasols up.
I was going to have a marmalade making session with Mum this afternoon but I've put it on hold until next week. We're hoping to go strawberry picking next weekend so I'm on a jar gathering mission this week.  




  1. so glad he is settling in well x

    1. Thanks Tess. We're very lucky that he's taken to it so well, it was only a couple of weeks ago he was telling us he wouldn't be going into a home. Funny how things can change isn't it. I think he's just tired now and feels ready to be looked after. xx

  2. Hahahahaha heheeeeeeheeheehee chortle

  3. I know! Not just a quick flick over either. I caught him with the lid up wiping around the rim. He did a great job actually. I just need to point him in the direction of the proper bathroom cleaning wipes and I could cross that job off my list. xx

  4. Sounds like lots of change whilst I've been away, but hopefully change for the better. Well done on all the prize winning and I think I need to borrow your boy. Please send forthwith with appliances!

  5. Hi Liz, hope you enjoyed your break. A few days away does wonders doesn't it. Yes, lots of changes in the past week. Last Saturday saw Tom in A&E and this Saturday saw him settled in a new home! The boy will happily do chores .... for money. Just hide your flannels :) xx

  6. Flannel. Mm. I think I'd buy a new one.

    Glad Tom's settling in.

  7. A new flannel is definitely top of my shopping list this week:) xx