Monday, 29 June 2015

Sleepy Hollow

Amy had 3 friends sleep over Friday night. It was a last minute request. They'd been to school to see their Year 11 friends off to the prom and I think they were feeling a bit deflated at being left behind and wanted to do something fun themselves. They soon came round after a film, a takeaway and a bit of a pamper party. They were happy to crash on the floor but we got the blow up bed down for them and left them to fight over that, the settee and the chair. I don't know what it is about camp beds but I could hear them all rolling around on it giggling. I'm surprised it stayed up with 4 of them bouncing up and down on it. 
When I came down in the morning I found Amy flat out and adopted daughter writing on her forehead. The old jokes are the best aren't they. 
Amy and adopted daughter have completed their first day of work experience. It's at the local cats home and they started at 9am and finished at 2.30pm. Tea was at 5pm and afterwards they went straight upstairs and promptly fell asleep. I don't know, the kids these days have no staying power. 

It's been housework for me again today. I get very little satisfaction from cleaning these days. In a way it was better when Amy and Thomas were little and made a mess. A quick tidy up of anything primary coloured and a good hoover up of wotsits and biscuit crumbs and it felt like a show home. Now it always looks the same whether I clean it or not. 

I do get satisfaction from this though. I've not done any over the weekend but I've managed a little bit of the ship this afternoon, inbetween bobbing in and out to watch Wimbledon.
The best news of the day at Number 38 is there are flowers in the garden. The hanging baskets came into their own over the weekend and we finally have colour in the garden.
I've even got two red strawberries. I wonder what the chances are of being able to pick a bowlful for the tennis finals in 2 weeks. 
Which reminds me, we've still not been strawberry picking yet. But before we do that, we're off on another outing tomorrow. We're going to West Yorkshire to Oakworth where they filmed The Railway Children. All aboard!



  1. Last year I had three raspberries on the cane. Three! Useless! I've taken it out this year.
    Enjoy your day out xx

    1. I bet the birds ate them all while you weren't looking. I've got a few strawberries but only 2 are red. I don't know whether to eat them as they ripen, which probably means I'll get one a day, or wait until they're all ready but then would the first lot have rotted? Oh the dilemas of Life at Number 38 lol xx

  2. I have no strawbs as yet, but ours tend to be a bit weedy and not great so I'm fine with that. Must pick and freeze my redcurrants soon though, before the birds thieve the lot.

    Sleepover looks like fun. Violet keeps hassling me to have/let her go to sleepovers but I'm saying no for now. Various reasons,not least because she has a few sleeping issues so there is no way she could actually relax and enjoy going to a sleepover. So tough luck, the answer is no. And I have no desire whatsoever to have a gaggle of 8 or 9 years old to deal with. She'll just have to wait until she's older.

    glad you have flowers! Apart from pink roses and a few sweetpeas each day, I don't seem to have many at the moment. We moved the peonies last year, I think they're still sulking and refusing to flower.
    Oh well, shan't water them on these hot days, see how they like that! ha ha!

    Thanks for the sausage comment. Made me laugh my head off this morning. A corking yet cautionary tale!

  3. I think you are wise to hold out for the sleepovers. Amy's first one had me driving round to her friends at midnight in my PJ's to collect her. Better when they are older in my opinion and more than one friend somehow seems to work as well. I always preferred to have Amy's friends here than her go somewhere although now she's older it doesn't bother me. It would be Thomas' worst nightmare, he also has sleeping problems along with his other worries. How he'll go on at his adventure weekend has yet to be seen. I don't fancy the Headmaster seeing me in my nightie that's for sure.

    Oh those flipping sausages and that BBQ. I've never liked sausages but I'm sure if I did I'd never be able to eat one again. xx