Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Our Postie

It's weight loss Wednesday again.

Martin, 'Our Postie' of many years, delivered two things today, both of which I was expecting, but I was still excited to get. Just as an aside do you have a regular postie and do you know his/her name?

The first was an invitation to my brother's wedding in July. I don't see him or his family that often so it will be lovely to catch up with them all. They're getting married in Cheltenham so myself, Thomas and Mum will go down on the train and stay overnight. Amy is in Bulgaria and really miffed that she's missing a wedding and Mark can't say for definite whether he'll be there or not, depending on the state of play with Tom and Joan. But the 3 of us will definitely be going to help celebrate their day. 
The second thing was a new jigsaw. I've tried to resist the urge to buy one - too much of a good thing and all that - but I'm missing wandering over to the table and whiling away half an hour here and there. I found this one on Amazon and straight away I knew I'd enjoy doing it. It wasn't too expensive either at £7.16 - what a random price. 

As a reward for doing well in her subjects and for having good attendance Amy has been invited by school to go on a tour of Old Trafford. I don't think she's that keen really, she'd much prefer an outing to the Trafford Centre, but it's a day off school and they don't have to wear uniform, so no doubt she'll put her name on the list.
Mind you, we're debating whether to sign the consent form or not. We're Blues at Number 38 not Reds so it's a massive parental dilemma for us!



  1. Good for Amy! I googled Old Trafford thinking it would be an old village. LOL I see it is a football/soccer stadium. And surmise that it is for the wrong team. I love hearing pieces of normal life from far away.
    Really like the puzzle and it seems like that is a very good price.

    1. It made me smile that you thought Old Trafford might be a village. Maybe Amy would have preferred if it was.

      It is definitely the wrong team for us residents at Number 38. There are 2 main football teams in Manchester, Manchester City (blue kit) and Manchester United (red kit), hence the question we are always asked when we say we are from Manchester - "are you a red or a blue". We're not really into football to be honest, we watch the World Cup and that's about it really but Mark used to go when he was younger.

      We have relented though and signed the permission slip for Amy! xx

  2. Forgot to answer. We do not have a regular postie and in fact we feel lucky that we still have mail delivered to our house. Every new place and many old neighborhoods too have a group of mailboxes that you walk to or stop by on way home from work. We just get used to one and a new one starts. I do look out for them on really hot afternoons to offer a cool drink, so far no takers.

    1. Oh yes, I've seen in the films, people walking down the street to collect their post from those boxes. Thomas would probably like to do that, but only in the good weather lol. I think our posties might prefer your way of delivering mail. They must walk miles on a day up and down streets and in and out of gardens. xx

  3. another jigsaw! Woman, you are obsessed :O)

    I've not been to a wedding for such a long time. Possibly the last one I went to was my own! ha!

    I'm with Amy on the preferring to go to the Trafford Centre! Shopping is always more exciting than rotten old football. And don't get me started on poxy tennis on the telly. Grr. Bill is a sports fan and loves both, I have to put up with him sitting in his den, clapping loudly and bellowing 'shot!' all summer long. As far as I can tell the only good thing about tennis is strawberries and Pimm's. when I rule the world I'm banning it from telly.

    Posties, I've always been lucky with mine, and have had three good chaps over the years. Mark was my fave, I was sad when he changed his route (an aside to this is that he's had to change his route, the one he went on to do after this one. Apparently some woman was making advances and wouldn't leave him alone! hilarious!), then I had Norm, such a lovely bloke, but then he went and sneakily retired without telling me. Annoyed! My latest postie is another sweetheart, I don't know his name though. Never asked him, but I should. He tells me often that he loves me (what can I say? I am very loveable!), and I give him bottles of cold water on hot days. I look after my staff! They always get Christmas pressies too.

    It's nice to have a good friendly rapport with your postie :O)

  4. Haha, yes the jigsaws are becoming a daily fix that I crave.

    Weddings are very few and far between these days aren't they. My brother is getting married in a registry office but there will still be a bride with bridal dress plus bridesmaids and they're the best bit!

    I'm no sports fan myself but I'm a bit of a tennis junkie so I'll have to be on Bill's side with that one plus I really like the Pimms and strawberries. We don't really watch football but we are definitely City fans at Number 38.

    You can't beat a good postie. Ours will quite often walk back up the street if we're not in to leave something we've ordered with Tom. Mind you I think we are the official drop off point for neighbour's parcels. He's always knocking on and leaving something with us for somebody who's at work. I like that you have a postman that loves you. I'd keep him nameless, it all adds to the intrigue don't you think. I thought it was all fantasy that women made a play for posties and window cleaners, but clearly not! Thankfully I have my jigsaw so I don't have any time for that sort of hanky panky :) xx

  5. Well done to Amy though you'd think the school (or the football club, they're hardly short of a bob or two) would have included lunch for the students, given the trip is a pat on the back. Good for you buying another jigsaw. We all deserve a treat. With that in mind, I'm buying myself another vase.

  6. You're right Liz, lunch could have been provided. Mind you looking around their club is one thing, but 'breaking bread' with the reds; mmmmm..... not sure we are that easy going lol. Glad to hear I'm not alone in treating myself and that another vase will be added to your collection. xx