Monday, 15 June 2015

Memory Boards

I've been wanting to change what's on the radiator cover shelf for a few weeks now. The two pictures hanging above it are of Talacre lighthouse and the beach at Lindisfarne, so I thought I'd go with a bit of a coastal theme. I managed to find these today to start me off. 
Along with a little lighthouse which looks pretty cute. 
Thomas has been painting his pyramid tonight. It took a bit of time to get the colour right but we eventually managed to mix one he was happy with.
Amy brought home her annual sponsored walk form. They do a 10km walk every year for charity and coincidentally the one school chose this year is Springhill hospice. Tom went to their daycare centre a couple of times before going in the home and loved it.  She also handed me a list of ingredients for food tech. I'm assuming (chicken) is an optional extra and not one of the vegetables she's chosen to take in! 
We went to visit Tom again this afternoon. At the moment every time we go he wants something taking up from the house. Today it was his bedside clock and batteries. Next time we go he's asked us to take his 'memory board' because his nails need filing.

He looks a lot better than he has done for weeks and when Mark rang him this evening to tell him about an appointment that had come in the post he was sat in the resident's bar having a shandy and reading his paper. Good for him is all I have to say. 



  1. ooh, you must take a pic of your shelf when you've done it. You know I like a good display to look at :O) actually, you've reminded me, it's time I changed over my kitchen shelf with the summer look, seashells, starfish, coral ("coral" - came from Dunelm!), and teeny boat. I put it off as long as I can because I am not fond of summer, but you have inspired me.

    Glad Tom is doing well, having a shandy and reading the paper make me chuckle. Yes, good for him!

    Love the pyramid, looks really good.

  2. Haha. Hopefully the rest of my 'seaside' will be found in the centre of Bury tomorrow. No idea why beach stuff is so hard to find in Middleton. In my mind I can see a brightly coloured row of beach huts. Might have to get googling later on. Yes Tom is enjoying the high life at the moment. Must remember to take his 'memory board' for his nails tomorrow lol xx