Thursday, 11 June 2015

Little Things Make For A Pleasant Change

I bought Stocks from Lidl today. I was spoilt for choice really. It was a toss up between freesia, sweet williams or these. I think I chose well. They look and smell lovely.
My first bottle of home-made cordial. I could tell you it tastes delicious but that would be a slight exaggeration. It tastes pleasant enough but there's no real depth of flavour to it. I do like the colour though.
In a 'waste not, want not' moment I mixed the pulped berries from the cordial into some natural yoghurt. No exaggeration needed here. It tasted delicious. 

Mum gave  me some rhubarb tonight from her neighbour's allotment, so that's the next one I'll be trying. I'm just trying to decide whether to add ginger or not. 
I also came away with my weekly stock of soup. This week its leek, carrot, potato, lentils, tomatoes, garlic and chilli flakes.
I have strawberries on the way! Wonder if they'll be ready for Wimbledon? Strawberries and a glass of Pimm's is a must for the finals. 
 No soup for lunch. Instead I made a feta cheese open sandwich.
The (3) sides of the pyramid have been stuck onto cardboard and a bit of filler has been used for the gaps. Thomas just needs to paint it now and stick it onto some sandpaper. Then it's ready to be taken to school.

It was Amy's parents evening tonight. We were allocated 3 minutes with each teacher and we had 3 minutes between each appointment. It's like wacky races trying to get through the crowds from one room to another with the clock ticking. There were 7 appointments over a 45 minute time span. But as usual everybody was running late and we were there for nearly 2 hours.

We go because obviously we are good supportive parents. But the main reason is we think every child should be embarrassed once a year by having to walk around school in front of all their friends with parents in tow! Don't you agree?



  1. Oh I am NOT going to miss Parent's Evenings!! I consider it an honour to embarrass my children!

    1. Indeed, and as Mark says it's character building. I have to say if I were some of the parents I'd have been embarrassed being with the child. Some of the girls looked as though they'd got ready for a night out in a club. Mind you, at 48, maybe I'm just old fashioned and glamming up for parents evening is acceptable these days. xx

    2. Hey, a night a night out!!! I'm the same - take every opportunity that comes your way!

    3. Most of them looked about 21, until they opened their mouths and then the attitudes and whining made them sound about 7! xx

  2. I can't believe they schedule 7 minute meetings. We have 15 minute appointments here and they still run behind. Your feta cheese sandwich looks delicious.

    1. Hi Janice. The time 'allowed' with each teacher is 3 minutes which obviously isn't enough and that's why they run over. It's one of those situations where on paper it all fits in the time frame but doesn't work in reality. They open the cafe though and there are complimentary drinks and cookies available while you're stood in a queue so that's a bonus! 15 minutes is a long time. Do they split the class and hold a couple of sessions? xx