Friday, 19 June 2015

Kids: Hot dogs, Walking and Birthdays

Without giving too much away because Mark and Mum read this blog and I want some of the 'fancy meal' to be a surprise, me and Thomas have done a little bit of prepping for tomorrow's meal. So far we've dipped the cherries...
...And stuffed the mushrooms with stilton and breadcrumbs. And that's all I'm saying for the time being. 
It's Matthew's birthday on Monday. He'll be 29. He's coming round later on for Amy and they're off to the Trafford Centre for something to eat. Us oldies didn't get invited and going out to eat is Thomas' worst nightmare so it's just the two of them. I'm the eldest of 4 and I always think it must be nice to have a big brother, especially one with a car and money!
It was 'Fun in a Bun' at Thomas' school today. Which means that instead of taking a packed lunch he could pay to have a hot dog or burger. It's the first time he's ever had a school dinner and he seemed to enjoy it. Having said that there's nothing on the usual menu that he would eat so he'll be back on sandwiches next week. 

Amy has done her 10km walk with school for Springhill Hospice. She set off at 11.45am and rang at 1.15pm to say she'd finished and could I pick her up. It's the last one she'll do as this time next year she'll have left school. The pupils do really well raising money for this annual walk and around £10,000 is usually collected for charity.

Right now at Number 38 the Bee Gee's are playing, Mark has poured us both a glass of wine and no doubt we'll find something to watch on TV later. 

All that's left to say is "let the weekend commence".

Hope you all have a good one.  



  1. ooh, choccy cherries and stuffed mushrooms. That's it, I'm on my way!

    Violet isn't big on hot dinners. She usually has them on a Friday because it tends to be fish and chips or sausage and mash, but the rest she's not interested in.

    Wow, Amy's school do well with their fund raising, that's a seriously massive amount of loot. Well done them.

    No flower pics as yet, I bought peonies still tightly in bud. once they start to open I'll get a photo. I did tweet a pic though, my twitter page is linked on my blog and I often show pics of flowers either in the house or in the garden.

    Have a wonderful Saturday, enjoy your special meal xx

    1. Morning Sadie. Thomas isn't keen on very much food whether it's hot or cold, so his main role is being the waiter and if he eats a few bits here and there all well and good. Fish/Sausage/Nuggets and chips are all OK though. But only if the fish and sausage are from the chippy!

      The pupils at Amy's school are 'encouraged' to raise £10 each so with over 1,000 pupils it does mount up.

      I haven't seen your twitter page so I'll have a look for it and your flowers. Have a great weekend. xx

  2. Enjoy your meal tonight! My BeeGees Luce album is my absolutely favourite ironing soundtrack! I stand n dance n mostly sing my head off - gets me through the ironing in no time at all!!

    1. Haha, yes, you should see the moves my iron can make when Jive Talkin is on. It defies the laws of physics to stand still when the Bee Gees are singing. xx

  3. Hope the meal went well, and the cherries look superb!

  4. The meal was lovely and we all had a great and very late night. The chocolate cherries were a hit especially with Amy. xx